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Idaho: Useful Services For Vets

There are a number of services that have been instituted for servicemen & servicewomen of the U.S. armed forces. An updated list of the help centers in Idaho is located here.

Recognized for spearheading asbestos cases, Weitz & Luxenberg won a noteworthy consolidated trial in 1991 in regards to employees of the Brooklyn Navy Yard in the 1940s and 1950s.

Our firm dealt with 36 clients in that case and received $75 million. Another case yielded a $64.65 million award for four asbestos plaintiffs in 1996 (NY, docket # 10893/95), and, in 2002, the firm won a $53 million decision in New York for a brake mechanic diagnosed with mesothelioma (docket No. 12658-00). The firm has recovered hundreds of millions more for its clients, many of whom formed the heart of the triumphant Allied war effort in the second World War.

Comprised of oxygen, hydrogen, silicon, and different metals, asbestos is classified as a mineral. Its fibers are strong, flexible and flame retardant. Asbestos also insulates very well and will not break down easily. Other asbestos uses include older plastics, paper products and floor tiles. Generally, asbestos fibers are blended with a material that joins them together, constructing an asbestos containing material, otherwise known as ACM. Several industrial products are composed of ACM, for instance sealants, cement pipe and insulation.

Those people served in the armed forces and lived alongside asbestos for many years without knowing that this could one day cause the life-threatening disease: mesothelioma.

Did you know there is no time limit for filing an asbestos lawsuit? Weitz & Luxenberg can help you receive compensation regardless of when you were exposed. Simply fill out the form below to initiate the process.

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