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Carpenters and other laborers in Virginia suffered from asbestos exposure: how we can help

 “We breathed it,” said Bryan Frise of the Virginia State Carpenters Union about asbestos at the workplace. “Even if we weren’t the ones who were working with it…It was in the air.”

He talked about how pipefitters and insulators would work with it on a commercial job. No matter what the carpenters were doing, they were surrounded by the asbestos in the air – everyone was.

A carpenter would show up to a commercial job site such as a building or a school and get to work cutting floor or ceiling tile. He or she would then use adhesive glue. Both the tiles and the glue contained asbestos.

Even if the carpenters were given masks, “it wasn’t enough,” said Bryan.

Bryan makes it clear that it was not just the people at the jobsite. “Wives and children got it [asbestos exposure], too. [Asbestos dust clung to the husband’s clothes and] the wives washed the clothes!”

We now know that asbestos caused horrible forms of cancer such as mesothelioma, but prior to the 1970s, people such as yourself and the Virginia carpenters union thought it was harmless. Asbestos companies, however, knew since the 1800s that asbestos was highly toxic. These companies did not warn the public because they wanted to continue making money off asbestos products (EWG 1).

Weitz & Luxenberg believes that the careless acts of these companies should not go unpunished. We also believe that people such as yourself deserve to be compensated for your illness. We can help you get all of your medical bills paid, make sure you and your family have long-lasting financial stability, and bring these companies to justice. Simply contact our firm by filling out the form on this page, and we can let you know how to get started. This service is free, and we can contact you within 24 hours of submitting the form.

Read on for more information about asbestos in the state of Virginia and what financial compensation can do for you.

The tragic death toll from asbestos in Virginia

From 1979 to 2001, an estimated total of 1,735 people in the state of Virginia died from mesothelioma and asbestosis. These numbers have followed a steadily increasing trend that would suggest an even greater number of deaths today.

By 2001, Newport News City had the greatest number of fatalities by county within the state with an estimated 155 (EWG 2).

Virginia centers for medical treatment

Virginia Oncology Associates offers excellent care for those suffering from cancer caused by asbestos. They have locations around the state. Call toll free (800) 998-3450 for more information.

It is always good to get multiple opinions when it comes to asbestos-related diseases. Also try contacting the Carilion Clinic located at 6415 Peters Creek Road, Roanoke, VA 24019. Phone number: (800) 422-8482.

These are only a couple of treatment centers that the state of Virginia has to offer, and only a small fraction that the world has to offer. Financial compensation can help cover medical and travel expenses to visit other excellent treatment centers.

Pursuing financial compensation can benefit you and the country

When you pursue financial compensation from the companies responsible for your illness, you are benefiting yourself, your family, and your country. By taking legal action, you help set a precedent that can prevent big businesses from disregarding the life of so many people in this way ever again.

You can also receive just compensation for all medical expenses, loss of income, and pain and suffering. The financial compensation you can receive can pay for travel and lodging expenses to and from treatment centers.

The financial compensation can also provide for your family in the unfortunate even of your passing. Weitz & Luxenberg can make sure that you have enough compensation to cover all of your expenses.

Contact us today for a free consultation. Simply fill out the form on this page and we will get back to you within twenty four hours.


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