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Navy veterans suffering from asbestos exposure deserve compensation

Ernie Conry’s brother served in the Navy for over two decades, but he passed away just one year after being diagnosed with mesothelioma, a deadly disease caused by asbestos exposure. “My brother spent a big portion of his life in the Navy. He lived in ships most of his time. These ships were heavy laden with asbestos,” said Conry. “You are probably sleeping six inches away from asbestos-covered pipe.  This material gets dry and when bumped, it flakes off, and you start breathing in the asbestos. That is how my brother contracted mesothelioma.”  This case represents only one of the thousands of Navy veterans who, like your uncle or grandfather,  developed serious diseases such as mesothelioma, lung cancer, or asbestosis after being exposed to asbestos during their military service. Many of these sailors were completely uninformed of the deadly cancer risks posed by the hazardous mineral.

As one of the nation’s leading law firms, Weitz & Luxenberg has specialized in asbestos litigation for over two decades, especially with respect to veterans. In 1991, we won a historic consolidated trial involving men who had worked at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in the 1940s and 1950s. Founding partner Perry Weitz was personally involved in this case, which represented 36 clients, and ended up securing verdicts of $75 million. We believe that the country should band together to make sure veterans such as you or one of your family members, receive the legal help to which they're entitled. Please continue to browse our website for further information and updates.

Asbestos Risks in the Navy

Asbestos-containing materials (ACM) were used in virtually every area of Navy ships, including the boiler room, to insulate pipes that ran overhead in crew quarters and in the powder room where ammunition was stored. As a result, the men and women who served on Navy ships from Bagely destroyers to Ticonderoga aircraft carriers, or repaired ships at a Navy Yard, were exposed to the cancer-causing mineral almost every day.  

Unlike other dangerous substances that can cause illness within a short time, asbestos has a long latency period (the time between exposure and diagnosis) of 30-40 or more years.  This often meant that a large number of navy veterans who were exposed to asbestos in their 20s, did not become ill until they were almost at retirement age.

In 2005, Mary Lou Keener, a Navy veteran who served during the Vietnam War, testified at a US Senate Committee hearing in support of a resolution to offer increased assistance to military veterans suffering from asbestos related diseases, "The Fairness in Asbestos Injury Resolution Act."

“My father was also a Navy veteran. During World War II he served as a machinist mate in engine rooms aboard the USS Mayrant, Lindsey, and Columbus,” she said during the hearing. “Both the USS Mayrant and Lindsey were ‘hit’ and the engine rooms blown up. My dad spent many months aboard these ships ‘riding’ them back to port and working repairs on them in a shipyard. It is well documented that all three of these ships contained significant amounts of asbestos, and there is no question regarding his exposure. “

Keener’s father passed away on Veterans Day 2001, She explained to the committee members that he died “a quick but painful death from mesothelioma.”

Weitz & Luxenberg's Asbestos Lawyers Can Help

In July 2009, a jury in Newport News, VA awarded the family of a retired U.S. Navy officer $4 million in compensation as a result of the Navy veteran's death from mesothelioma cancer.  The officer's illness was caused by asbestos exposure that occurred during his 20 year service in the Navy.

If someone in your family has been diagnosed with an asbestos disease, you need an experiencedasbestos lawyer to help you seek compensation from the companies that caused theirillness.

For over 20 years, our lawyers have fought forrightful compensation for thousands of families just like yours, and have helped them obtain verdicts and settlements for illness, pain and suffering, and to help defray the costs of medical bills and other expenses.

Even though your family member’s asbestos exposure took place many years ago, you can still file an asbestos lawsuit; however, the clock begins to tick on how long you have to seek compensation once your uncle or grandfatherhas been diagnosed.  This statute of limitationsvaries from state to state.

If you would like a free consultation or more information about your legal options, please complete the form on this page, and a representative of our law firm will contact you as soon as possible.


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