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Consumer Protection

Consumers Need Protection from Companies Who Put Themselves First


Most people don’t realize it, but almost every time you buy a product and use it – whether you are opening a can of soda or getting behind the wheel of a car – you are putting your safety in the hands of others.

What looks like a simple soda is the product of a complex and delicate process that involves sourcing ingredients, manufacturing food components, packaging individual cans, and shipping them off to retailers. The soda company is charged with making sure their ingredients are free from contaminants and their cans are safe to ship and open.

Consumers like you come to trust these companies — but the companies don’t always have your best interests in mind.

While most products you buy are safe, sometimes that’s not the case. Weitz & Luxenberg has represented thousands of clients who were injured by dangerous products or deprived of the item they purchased.

Product Liability

Companies who manufacture goods owe their customers a debt of safety. When that debt goes unfulfilled, Weitz & Luxenberg steps in to make sure those companies are accountable.

Our firm’s product liability unit has decades of courtroom experience. Our passion is protecting our clients. Not only does the work we do help our clients pay for medical expenses, it is an essential check on corporate greed.

With Weitz & Luxenberg ready to take action against them should they let down their customers, companies will think twice about putting dangerous products on the market.

General Motors Recalls Millions of Cars

General Motors has sold cars to tens of millions of Americans. Their loyal customers have strapped in their spouses and children and driven countless miles across this country.

In early 2014, it came to light that many of the cars GM sold were dangerously defective. The default in some cars was enough to prove fatal to passengers — and GM continued to sell the cars anyway.

Weitz & Luxenberg is currently assisting hundreds of clients who were affected by the GM car recall. Our firm has filed a class action lawsuit that demands compensation from GM.

Chrysler Cars May Have a Faulty TIPM

Almost 5 million Chrysler vehicles may have a defective Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM). This is the “brain” of the car and a defective TIPM can cause your car to shut off while driving at high speeds. It can also cause malfunctions with your car’s airbags, lights, brakes and anything else with an electrical component.

Chrysler was seemingly aware of this problem almost a decade ago — in 2005. Since then, Chrysler has continued to try and hide the TIPM problems. This leaves customers like you stranded and paying the costs of repairs — which can be thousands of dollars.

Weitz & Luxenberg has filed a class action lawsuit against Chrysler, on behalf of clients who were harmed by a faulty TIPM.

Exploding Airbags Manufactured by Takata Are in Millions of Cars

Millions of vehicles have airbags in them. Most are made by an independent company, not the car manufacturer. One of those companies, Takata, has installed more than 16.8 million airbags worldwide that are defective.

The airbags can explode and shoot out shrapnel, causing significant harm — and even death — to drivers and front seat passengers.

Takata was aware of this defect for years, and finally supported recalls this summer, but only for cars in areas with high humidity. Takata asserts the humid climate is what triggers the defect.

Recently, the U.S. Congress has stepped in to demand action be taken. Several of the auto manufacturers have issued their own recalls, including Honda, Chrysler, and Ford.

Weitz & Luxenberg has filed class action lawsuits on behalf of clients who have been exposed to this serious danger.

Weitz & Luxenberg — Your Protector

When companies fail in their duty to protect their customers, others must step in.

How can we help? Weitz & Luxenberg can help you file a lawsuit against the company that made and sold a defective product. If you have been injured by a product or otherwise harmed as a consumer, contact our consumer protection lawyers today to discuss your case.

Recent W&L Results

  • $20 Million

    The family of a former Navy shipfitter who died earlier this year of mesothelioma received a verdict of against a manufacturer of boilers that were insulated with asbestos.

  • $1 Billion

    W&L's Ellen Relkin, as lead counsel in the NJ Rejuvenate and ABG II hip stem litigation, played a key role in negotiating the more than $1 billion settlement. Most qualifying plaintiffs will receive $300,000 or more.

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W&L Facts

  • We helped more than 19,000 clients from New York. Mesothelioma and Asbestos
  • Our largest single Asbestos Exposure settlement was for almost $6 million. Mesothelioma and Asbestos
  • Almost 1,700 boilermakers have used us as their legal advisors. Mesothelioma and Asbestos
  • We won $2.2 million for the son of a woman who died due to negligent postoperative care. Personal Injury and Malpractice
  • Our largest total settlement amount for one client was more than $10 million. Defective Drugs and Devices
  • We have more than 80 lawyers serving our clients.
  • We helped Brooklyn Navy Yard workers get $104 million in a class-action case against Johns-Manville. Mesothelioma and Asbestos
  • We won a $190 million verdict for 5 clients who were exposed to asbestos. Mesothelioma and Asbestos
  • We helped more than 3,500 clients from Florida. Mesothelioma and Asbestos
  • We’ve been helping clients for more than 25 years. Defective Drugs and Devices
  • More than 4,000 carpenters have used us as their legal advisors. Mesothelioma and Asbestos
  • We got almost $38 million for our medical malpractice clients. Personal Injury and Malpractice
  • Our largest single settlement was for almost $10 million.
  • We helped more than 500 clients from Florida. Defective Drugs and Devices
  • We’ve been helping Environmental clients for more than 10 years. Environmental Pollution
  • We got more than $3 billion in settlements for defective devices. Defective Drugs and Devices
  • Our $190 million verdict in a mesothelioma case is the largest of its type in NY. Mesothelioma and Asbestos
  • We won $1.2 million for a woman who died of a pulmonary embolism after a tummy tuck. Personal Injury and Malpractice
  • We won a $13.5 million verdict for one of the very first Vioxx trial cases. Defective Drugs and Devices
  • We got $665 million from the companies in the iron and steel industries. Mesothelioma and Asbestos
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How Weitz & Luxenberg Helped Me

  • Marylou B. ‘s Story

    I've dealt with counsel many times when I was able to work nine years ago as an insurance examiner. No attorney or firm displayed the efficiency and care that you have provided. But more than that you gave each of your clients a feeling that we care and count.

    - Marylou B.