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Working at Weitz & Luxenberg and being united among the most talented and dedicated team of attorneys who share a common interest in doing good for others is a privilege. I am grateful to be able to handle personal injury and negligence cases at a firm where my top priority is achieving the best possible outcome for our clients.

Weitz & Luxenberg is pleased to have Daniel Lipner onboard our team of experienced, knowledgeable personal injury and negligence litigators. Growing up, Mr. Lipner was introduced to this practice area by his uncle, who devoted his career to helping people injured by the actions of others.

“Being around my uncle, I learned about personal injury and negligence cases,” Mr. Lipner points out. “I was always interested in the people he was helping and the types of cases he handled.

“Whether it was an individual who was hit by a car or a person who fell down because of faulty maintenance, my uncle’s profession was one of restoring someone’s worth before their incident. It was early on that I knew that I wanted to follow in his footsteps and share these same types of stories with my own family.”

I’ve Always Wanted to Help People

“I’m grateful to be given the opportunity to work at Weitz & Luxenberg,” Mr. Lipner reveals. “Being part of this team is an honor.”

“In my day-to-day job, I have the opportunity to help people from all walks of life. But what has always stricken me is that the majority of my clients are people just like me — regular folks who show up to work, go home to their families — but fell victim to the recklessness of others. I like being able to relate to the people I work with; it makes my work more meaningful.”

Client Relationships Come First

“One of the best parts of handling personal injury and negligence cases is the special relationships we build with our clients,” Mr. Lipner stresses. “My work never feels like I’m conducting an interview with a client, but rather having a meaningful conversation with a friend about a problem in his or her life.

“What I aim to do first and foremost is gain my potential clients’ trust. The relationships we develop with our clients are the foundation for everything that comes afterwards as we move through the legal process.”

We Spend Hours Getting to Know Our Clients

“Right from the beginning, we need to be honest and upfront. It’s essential that we help our clients feel comfortable, and encourage them to talk,” Mr. Lipner emphasizes. “We need to know them and their situation so that we can provide the best legal assistance possible.

“Early on, we prep our clients for their deposition. This preparation may take hours, sometimes even days. We need to get a full account of the accident or incident, as well as the injuries, so we can help them feel comfortable answering the questions that will come their way.”

Helping Clients Prepare for Their Deposition

“A deposition is basically an out-of-court meeting in which our clients provide sworn testimony about how they suffered their injuries. Opposing council will have the opportunity to question our clients about facts of the case,” explains Mr. Lipner.

“Part of our initial preparation with our clients involves our anticipating the questions a defense attorney might ask our clients at their depositions.

“For me, this is an exciting process,” Mr. Lipner says. “I want to do everything I can legally to help our clients receive the justice they deserve.”

Experience with the Law

Mr. Lipner joined Weitz & Luxenberg full time in September 2018. Previously, he had spent multiple summers interning at Weitz & Luxenberg while earning his J.D.

In the summer of 2017, he served as a legal clerk in our personal injury and negligence litigation unit. During the summer of 2016, Mr. Lipner served as a legal associate in our Drug and Medical Device litigation unit.

Mr. Lipner is licensed to practice law in New York. He earned his J.D. from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York City and his B.A. in history from Queens College, the City University of New York, in Flushing.

On the Personal Side

Outside the office, Mr. Lipner enjoys spending time with friends and family, especially taking nature walks in his backyard with his nephew. He also likes to try new classes at the gym, organize local sports and fantasy football leagues, and read fantasy fiction novels.

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