David H. Green

Associate Attorney

Anybody in an accident should consult an attorney. You must know your rights!  Negligent wrongdoers repeatedly fight to avoid responsibility for the harms they cause. A good attorney will understand your situation, lead you through the complicated legal system, and fight for you.

As part of Weitz & Luxenberg’s Personal Injury and Malpractice unit, associate attorney David Green often finds himself fighting for “the little guys” – people hurt because of someone else’s negligence. When he meets them, they are often at a low point in life. They have been injured, their lives have changed, they may not be able to work, and they may be facing a powerful defendant who hurt them.

“You’re dealing with real people, real issues,” Mr. Green said. “You get to learn about that client, and how their life has been affected, and it motivates you to do everything you can to help them.”

Mr. Green has spent many years in courthouses fighting for his clients. “I have seen lots of lawyers, lots of people, and lots of issues,” says Mr. Green. “I joined Weitz & Luxenberg so that I can pair my skills with the resources and abilities here that I have not seen at any other plaintiff’s firm.” 

And his record proves it.

Major Judgment for Beating Victim

That motivation led Mr. Green and his team to secure a $13.3 million judgment on behalf of a beating victim left with a traumatic brain injury.

The bouncer at a sports bar beat the client with a baseball bat, then dragged the severely injured man outside and left him. The victim was only saved after strangers stumbled onto him and called an ambulance. After repeated surgeries, he still requires a full-time home health aide.

When Weitz & Luxenberg took the man’s case, the bouncer, the bar, and the building’s owners failed to respond to the lawsuit. But Mr. Green was able to use his expertise and the resources available at Weitz & Luxenberg to pursue the case, ultimately obtaining a judgment of over $13 million.

W&L: The Resources to Fight for Justice

Mr. Green is a living example of the phrase “persistence pays off.”

When a car fell from a tow truck and injured another client, the 1.6 million-member American Automobile Association (AAA) of New York tried to blame a faulty winch and the victim for his own injuries. The auto club was able to convince a court to block a quick resolution of the case, but Mr. Green wasn’t done. He appealed a complicated decision and won an important victory to move his client’s case forward.

“That’s what we do,” Mr. Green said. “We are exceptional lawyers and we use everything we have at our disposal as a very large firm to help these individuals at a time when they really need help.”

Knowledge, Skill, Talent, and Grit

A good lawyer has knowledge, skill, talent, and works incredibly hard.  Mr. Green’s track record proves he has all of the above.

Negligence comes in many forms: motor vehicle crashes, falls, medical malpractice, and assault, just to name a few. But the various causes all come down to a client who was injured at the hands of another.

“I go home at night knowing I did everything I could to help somebody else navigate a very complicated system,” Mr. Green said. “At the end of the day, I know that what I did matters to at least one person.”

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