Mark Feine

Client Liaison

Mark Feine is a client liaison at Weitz & Luxenberg. As a client liaison, Mark’s work involves meeting one-on-one with new clients at the outset of a case to discuss their history of asbestos exposure and gather information.

Mark is also the firm’s dedicated veteran liaison. After a distinguished military career as a machinist mate chief aboard Navy submarines for 20 years, Mark retired in 1996 to pursue work helping other veterans who were exposed to asbestos — often during their service aboard submarines and other military installations.

Mark’s commitment to helping veterans runs deep — he himself was exposed to asbestos during his tenure as a naval mechanic. Today, he works with men and women across the country to help them understand their own asbestos exposure and start them down the path of filing an asbestos lawsuit.

In a typical case, Mark will call to set up an appointment with the new client. This meeting is an exchange of ideas, with the new client explaining his or her case, and Mark detailing ways in which Weitz & Luxenberg will be able to help. At the end of the meeting, Mark will match the new client with an attorney who can guide their case through to completion.

Mark is stationed in St. Marys, Georgia, where he lives with his wife and raised two daughters. He serves veterans across the country and in Canada.

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