Carlos J. Guzman

Associate Attorney

Our clients are people who always follow the rules. They go to school. They go to work. They get married, have children, support their families, love and honor their spouses. The corporations we sue do not follow the rules. They break them. And that is why the injured and harmed come to us. Our job at Weitz & Luxenberg is to make sure the people who relied on the rules being followed receive an opportunity to confront in court those who did not follow the rules.

Carlos J. Guzman is an associate attorney in the California office of Weitz & Luxenberg. He has been a member of our Asbestos Litigation group since coming to the firm in 2013. He previously served as a senior litigation associate with the Farrise Firm, which he joined in 2009 to assist workers and their families obtain justice from corporations that made or sold products, materials and equipment containing asbestos.

He also helped clients pursue wrongdoers in actions involving environmental and toxic torts, racial discrimination and other civil rights violations, medical neglect and abuse, harmful products, wrongful death, consumer fraud, unfair banking practices, and more. A number of the cases in which he was involved during and before his time at Farrise ended with his clients winning multimillion-dollar verdicts — among the most recent, a $5.5-million verdict obtained for a 70-year-old, mesothelioma-stricken pump mechanic and his domestic partner.

Currently, Mr. Guzman is admitted to practice law in all of the state courts throughout California and in the federal district courts located in Northern and Central California. Attuned to the needs of his community, Mr. Guzman has often provided pro bono legal support to worthwhile organizations, including the Interfaith Coalition for Immigrant Rights, American Civil Liberties Union, San Diego County Public Defender’s Office, and Consumer Advocates of California.

He is a 2000 juris-doctor graduate of the University of San Diego School of Law. During his time there, Mr. Guzman held the post of president of La Raza Law Students. In 1998, he earned from the University of California at San Diego a bachelor’s degree in history and political science, with a minor in combined scientific disciplines (mathematics and physics among them).

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