David M. Kaufman

Associate Attorney

  • Focus: Mesothelioma and Asbestos, Defective Drugs and Devices, Personal Injury and Malpractice
  • Phone: 212-558-5500
  • Fax: 212-344-5461
  • New York Office
    700 Broadway
    New York, NY 10003

We have a tireless commitment to fight on behalf of our clients who were injured at the hands of another. Whether the harm was caused by exposure to asbestos, a defective medical device, or any personal injury matter, we pride ourselves in tackling these cases and the corporations and insurance companies that defend them, head-on. It’s a good fight, a worthy fight, and frankly, the only side of the law I could see myself on.

A mesothelioma diagnosis or any injury that our clients come to us with, affects the whole family of its victim. Associate attorney David Kaufman, who supervises the Trusts & Estates department, works closely with those families as he guides them through the intricacies of the Surrogate’s Court system during one of the most difficult times a family can be forced to face.

“Many of our clients come to us with a life-threatening disease and sadly, they may pass away before we’ve resolved their lawsuit,” Mr. Kaufman says.

Responsible for handling probate and administration proceedings for Weitz & Luxenberg’s New York clients, Mr. Kaufman helps families set up estates. “The reason for an estate in these situations is to continue a client’s case after they die,” he says. “It is so they can act as the new plaintiff in the action, and not let the defendants off the hook.” Once an estate is established, he calculates settlement allocation and distribution, and drafts all our firm’s wrongful death compromise proceedings.

Our clients come to know Mr. Kaufman for his kind and calm demeanor in their time of need. But he is also well-known throughout New York’s court system as a firm and focused advocate of the clients Weitz & Luxenberg represents.

“I let our clients’ families know that this is what their loved ones would have wanted,” Mr. Kaufman says. “Their loved ones would have wanted at least some financial security for them. That’s why they decided to pursue this action while they were still alive. The companies that are responsible for their illness should pay.”

Mr. Kaufman has set up estates in all our firm’s litigations beyond asbestos, including general negligence, medical malpractice, environmental, dangerous drugs, and defective medical devices. By virtue of his role, he has seen the insides of a wide array of cases from all sectors and has developed a keen eye for which cases have merit and which do not. As a result, Mr. Kaufman is often sought out by peers to assess the viability of prospective cases.

Mr. Kaufman worked as a paralegal in Weitz & Luxenberg’s estates department before attending law school, where he worked for a South Florida personal injury firm while earning his degree. Mr. Kaufman joined the New York Attorney General’s Office after graduation before returning to Weitz & Luxenberg as an attorney in 2009.

Mr. Kaufman’s experience has allowed him to develop a strong sense of empathy for our clients and their families. He prides himself in being able to get a good night’s sleep for the work he does at Weitz & Luxenberg, and is proud to roll up his sleeves for the everyday working people who “built this country and the families they leave behind.”

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