Kevin Mulderig

Associate Attorney

Nearly all of the cases I handle involve former servicemen — Navy mainly — who suffered asbestos exposures that can be traced back to their years in the military. It’s a genuine privilege for me to take these cases. For one thing, it’s a chance to once again serve with people who I served with before — and who are now locked in maybe the single biggest personal battle of their life. Some of them are at death’s door when we first hear from them — the tremendous courage they show to keep fighting and do what’s right for their families is unbelievable. I also like that taking their cases allows me to represent the good guys — and nobody but the good guys. That’s what the victims of mesothelioma are. Good guys. Heroes. Every last one of them.

Kevin Mulderig has been with Weitz & Luxenberg since 2010 as an associate attorney in our New Jersey office’s Asbestos Litigation group. Mr. Mulderig is uniquely attuned to the issues confronting asbestos-exposure victims because, during the early 1980s, he himself came into contact with the toxic mineral — it happened while he supervised the retrofitting of the asbestos-laden Navy aircraft carrier USS Saratoga.

Asbestos litigation currently dominates Mr. Mulderig’s legal practice; however, over the span of his lengthy career, he also has handled many cases involving worker compensation, medical malpractice, products liability, motor-vehicle accident and other forms of personal injury. Mr. Mulderig maintains law licenses in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and is a member of the bar associations in each of those states. He also holds privileges to represent clients in two U.S. District Court jurisdictions: New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.

In 1986, Mr. Mulderig earned a juris doctor degree from Widener School of Law and, some years earlier, a bachelor of arts degree in political science from LaSalle University (while attending the latter, he earned the money to pay his tuition by working as a respiratory therapist at Philadelphia’s Germantown Hospital, a position that acquainted him with asbestos-caused pulmonary diseases).

After graduating from LaSalle University, the Pennsylvania native entered the Navy with the rank of ensign. He served aboard the USS Saratoga as an officer in charge of aircraft take-offs and landings. Toward the end of his tour of duty, he oversaw hundreds of crewmen assigned to help Philadelphia Navy Shipyard dry-dock workers replace asbestos-insulated pipes and ducts on Saratoga’s lower decks (removal of those components stirred up clouds of asbestos dust that Mr. Mulderig and his personnel were unable to completely escape).

In his spare time today, Mr. Mulderig — who remains a Navy aviation enthusiast — enjoys meditative walks in regional parks with his yellow Labrador retriever, Kramer, by his side.

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