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It is deeply satisfying to see a client win his or her case. It is satisfying because I know the victory was deserved. I delight in seeing justice done.

In order to win your pharmaceutical or medical device lawsuit against a wrongdoer corporation, a number of things must first occur. One is the development and presentation of the most compelling medical and scientific evidence possible in order to successfully persuade the judge and jury of the merits of your case.

Our Melinda Davis Nokes specializes in doing precisely that. Ms. Nokes enjoys a well-deserved reputation for ingenuity and tenacity when it comes to securing experts who can offer powerful testimony about the connection between dangerous pharmaceuticals and the injuries they can cause.

She joined Weitz & Luxenberg in 2015 following a stellar 22-year career in the practice of law. Ms. Nokes previously worked in pharmaceutical and medical device law as a partner with Lopez, Hodes, Restaino, Milman & Skikos in Newport Beach, California.  She went on to form her own firm, Salvatore & Nokes where she continued prosecuting cases involving prescription drugs, over the counter drugs and medical devices. 

She has prosecuted cases  involving silicone gel breast implants, Baycol, PPA cold medications, Ephedra dietary supplements, Ortho Evra birth control patches, Yaz/Yasmin birth control pills, Zicam homeopathic nasal spray, Seroquel, Avandia, Reglan, Byetta, Kugel mesh hernia patches and Depuy hip implants

Ms. Nokes has served on plaintiff’s discovery and medical expert committees for many of these litigations both in California State and at the federal level.  This extensive experience gives her a unique insight into the workings of pharmaceutical companies and the scientific evidence needed to prevail in court. 

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