Michael E. Pederson

Associate Attorney

We’re not medical miracle workers, so we can’t restore anyone’s life or health. However, as attorneys, what we can do is see to it that the injured receive fair and reasonable compensation for what they’ve been made to endure.

Michael E. Pederson fights for the rights of adults and children who become injured by pharmaceuticals and medical products purported to be safe. He conducts this work in his capacity as an associate attorney assigned to our Drugs & Medical Devices Litigation group. Originally from North Dakota,

Mr. Pederson holds privileges to represent clients in the courts of the state of New York and in the federal District Court’s New York Southern and Eastern jurisdictions. Mr. Pederson is a member of the City of New York Bar Assn.

He received a juris doctor degree from St. John’s University School of Law in 1988. As an undergraduate, he attended the University of Washington. In 1980, that institution conferred upon him a bachelor of arts degree in history; the following year it bestowed a certification in secondary education; in 1982, it handed him a degree in political science.

From 1983-89, Mr. Pederson served in the U.S. Army Reserve.

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