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Our clients are regular, hardworking people who got sick because companies failed to safeguard their health. When I read their stories, I know that I want to do everything I possibly can legally to help them. I am committed to doing everything my position allows me to do, to stop irresponsible companies from harming everyday people. These companies need to be held accountable.

Suzanne Krieger is a member of our experienced team of attorneys, focusing on mesothelioma and asbestos exposure. Ms. Krieger emphasizes, “With asbestos-contaminated talc mesothelioma cases on the rise, my focus is on that area of litigation. As part of our national team, my responsibilities are to research and write legal briefs for our trial attorneys across the country.”

Our Client’s Stories Move Me

When she began working for W&L in 2017, Ms. Krieger was assigned to the asbestos and mesothelioma practice area to handle motions. Initially, she dealt with opposing defense requests to dismiss our cases.

“To write carefully crafted responses to these motions to dismiss filed by the defendants we were suing, I had to read many of our clients’ depositions,” Ms. Krieger explains. “In the process, I learned a lot about our clients and their families. I read their stories and couldn’t help being moved.”

She continues, “Companies knowingly put our client’s lives at risk — and my job is to defeat their efforts to escape legal responsibility for their actions whenever and wherever I can.”

Countering Attacks by Defendants

“Basically, defendants spend a lot of time trying to maneuver their way out of taking responsibility. They do this by filing many formal requests known as ‘motions’ with the court. Some of these motions seek total dismissal. Some seek to exclude certain critical evidence we want to present or prevent witnesses we want to call from testifying. The defendants constantly try to raise issues and create diversions. They are doing whatever they can to avoid being held accountable,” Ms. Krieger insists.

“Then our Weitz & Luxenberg team counterattacks. My ultimate goal is to write the best responses possible — so that the court rules in our favor — which ultimately helps build our client’s case,” says Ms. Krieger.

Working for the District Attorney’s Office

Ms. Krieger worked as an Assistant District Attorney, in the Office of the District Attorney for the City of Philadelphia, for three years. She handled both juvenile and adult cases, along with felonies and misdemeanors.

“I worked with victims of assault, DUI, drug-related offenses, identity theft, and other kinds of crime. One of the most important parts of what I did was preparing and counseling witnesses for trial,” adds Ms. Krieger.

Developing Rapport and Earning Trust

“When we first met, victims were already dealing with the trauma of the event itself. Sometimes, I didn’t even discuss the details of the legal process. My primary goals were to first earn their trust, establish rapport, and show my client I was on their side,” Ms. Krieger explains.

“Victims need to feel comfortable enough to tell you the whole truth, even if they think they are responsible in some way. Developing a strong relationship with victims and helping them through the legal process is 100% the most rewarding part of the job. That remains the most important part of what I do — knowing my clients and working as hard as I possibly can to help them.”

Driving Force: Giving Clients a Voice

In her previous positions at other law firms, as well as her work at the DA’s office, Ms. Krieger determined her career focus. She wants to represent people harmed by others and can’t — or don’t know how — to speak up for themselves.

Ms. Krieger is licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania. She earned her J.D. from Temple University Beasley School of Law in Philadelphia. Her B.A. is in behavioral science and law, and awarded by the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

On the Personal Side

Outside of the office, Ms. Krieger loves spending time with her family, which includes three kids and two dogs. She also loves sports — especially all the Philadelphia teams — running, traveling, and reading.

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