Matthew E. Tarasoff

Associate Attorney

Being able to offer hope to mesothelioma victims and their families is, for me, one of the most rewarding aspects of my work at Weitz & Luxenberg. In this world there is no greater injustice than a death that could have been prevented. That’s what a death from mesothelioma is. It is injustice, and it is injustice the families of asbestos-exposure victims know all too well. So, to be able to advocate for them and be a part of something that can change their lives for the better is something truly important.

Attorneys who join Weitz & Luxenberg do so because they are driven by an intense desire to help people who are hurting and in need. Matthew E. Tarasoff perfectly illustrates this fact. He became a Weitz & Luxenberg attorney in 2015.

Officially, Mr. Tarasoff has been part of the Weitz & Luxenberg family since 2013. He started as an intern working in our Asbestos Trusts department. Proving himself a highly capable individual, we later invited him to work for us full-time.

Mr. Tarasoff has also interned as a clerk at The Lanier Law Firm in New York City, where he assisted in all areas of complex asbestos litigation. Before that he assisted the attorneys at the New York City Transit Authority and at a law firm that served as outside counsel to a leading insurance company.

He also spent an entire year interning in the office of the King’s County, NY, District Attorney, helping interview witnesses and draft prosecution motions in the course of felony cases, many of which went to trial. In another internship, Mr. Tarasoff assisted in the chambers of Hon. Esther M. Morgenstern, a justice of the King’s County Supreme Court, Criminal Term, 2nd Judicial District of New York.

Mr. Tarasoff holds a juris doctor degree obtained in 2014 from Brooklyn Law School. He graduated in 2011 from the University of Michigan with a degree in sociology, and was an honors student during his junior and senior years.

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