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Jack and Penny K.’s Story

W&L = responsive and attentive to client phone calls. They “take care of business” promptly and have a professional and friendly staff. This is so important to us, as we live many miles away from their NY or LA main offices!

Emanuel and Bettie S.’s Story

We have been so pleased with W&L representing us in our asbestos claim. They have always been available to answer any questions we had and guided us on all issues. We are so thankful.

Anthony D.’s Story

I think W&L are the best attorneys you can ever find. Thank God for them.

Louis A.’s Story

I appreciate the fact that you people have the interest in the people who worked to keep our country strong.

Donna D.’s Story

I have been my parents’ executrix for many years and W&L has helped me sort out all these complicated issues with the lawsuits. They are always responsive and clear with these complex situations and do a great job of keeping me current on the status of everything. A great job.

Wally’s Story

W&L has been extremely thorough in determining what firms were responsible for my asbestos disease. They deserve all of the praise that I give to them. Thanks for all your help and care.

Ed C.’s Story

W&L has greatly improved the quality of life for me and my family. While I sincerely wish I never had lung cancer, knowing that my family would be provided for gave me peace of mind and made me less fearful of the future. Thank you.

Joyce M.’s Story

It is with great sadness that I write to inform you that my beloved husband passed away on June 8. I want you to know that both he and I truly appreciated all of the many times you went to court and fought and won settlements on his behalf for all the years he worked in the plumbing and heating field with asbestos and asbestos-related materials. Little did we know then what a toll it would take on the health of those who worked with it. My most sincere thanks go to all of you for the most helpful monetary awards you sent when it was greatly needed. I will always fondly and gratefully remember your fine firm. God bless each of you greatly!

Stephen S.’s Story

I would like to take this opportunity to thank your company for representing me in my asbestos law suit. This has certainly been a windfall for me and my family. I never would have dreamed that I would see results so quickly. For this I am thankful, considering my lung problems. Again, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart- thanking you and your wonderful company for helping me and others like myself in similar circumstances.

Alice’s Story

I appreciate your kindness and concern in your efforts to bring some peace of mind after the passing of my husband from asbestos. Thank you again for all your work and kindness at this difficult time.

Kenneth Condran’s Story

My father, Clarence Condran, was diagnosed with mesothelioma back in March. He started in the steel mill in 1950. That exposure was the main exposure Dad received as a bricklayer. I called Weitz & Luxenberg and they showed a unique sense of caring for him. It was a no-brainer; I needed to go with that law firm. I can tell you firsthand that Weitz & Luxenberg is with you every step of the way.

Anthony C.’s Story

Your hard work on behalf of your clients is very much appreciated, as well as your dedication and persistence. Thank you W&L

James E.’s Story

I wish to thank you so very much for taking such good care of me. And to thank you for working so hard to help me get what’s owed to me. I don’t know where I’d be without your help. Again thank you.

Virgil W.’s Story

You folks have done an excellent job on my behalf in recovering for me money from the asbestos companies. Money I never would have received otherwise!

Douglas S.’s Story

As a retired 638 Steamfitter, it is comforting to know you are still out there working for me after all these years. Thank you.

James B.’s Story

I am very pleased to have W&L to represent me because without your firm I would have never been able to challenge all these asbestos companies on my own, paying out of my pocket. Thank you!

David ‘s Story

W&L was successful in handling my case, even though I didn’t have a case. I had lung cancer and thought that’s just my bad luck. I didn’t realize it was caused by asbestos exposure in the navy. W&L are #1 in my book.

Vincent G.’s Story

It has been my good fortune to have you folks looking over my shoulder and leaving no stone unturned on my behalf. Your steadfast commitment to seek all the money that I should receive for my condition is gratefully appreciated.

Susan E.’s Story

Thank you for your efforts on our behalf. I wish you were magic and could bring my husband back. Short of that, I am glad your work holds accountable the companies who knew asbestos causes cancer and held the lives of exposed people in such disregard.

C.’s Story

When my spouse passed away, W&L was there to help me in setting up an estate account. Answering all my questions has helped me every step of the way. Without them I wouldn’t have been able to continue the asbestos-related actions. Thank you for standing by me.

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