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Oliver M.’s Story

I have been very pleased with the results I have received. In the beginning I felt it was a waste of time, but I know I have been greatly surprised. Thank you for a great job.

Lois N.’s Story

You helped more than I ever expected. The checks have been coming in over a period of 5 years now, and the amounts are significant.

James M.’s Story

Thank you W&L for being a true fighter for the little guy in the asbestos claims.

Joseph G.’s Story

Your services were excellent. I was sent to you by a friend who told me he was very satisfied. He was right. I would recommend your company to anyone I know. Thank you.

Rose K.’s Story

You are very professional. Whenever I needed advice you gave it to me right away. I have complete trust in you. Thanks for all your help through the years. Also, the money has helped me though these hard times.

Harvey G.’s Story

Thanks for the wonderful job you do representing me. I can keep up with my medical bills. The time and effort you put in is much appreciated. Thank you.

John C.’s Story

It is nice to have someone in your corner. You know we could have had no place to turn to, but with you we have a chance to group against the big guys. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Dorothy D.’s Story

Your firm has been wonderful to myself and family. I greatly appreciate all of the hard work you have done on my behalf. Thank you isn’t enough.

Dolores’s Story

I am very pleased with everything you’ve done for me. I would recommend you to everyone I know.

Betty N.’s Story

Please know that I am a client that is very grateful to have come under your umbrella. Your follow-through was so reassuring and nurturing at all times. I hope you will continue this path for many years to come.

Bob B.’s Story

It is not often that one “beats City Hall” and it is with some satisfaction that I tell you how grateful I am and how grateful my dear Phyllis would have been, had she been alive to see it.

Reta T.’s Story

A bad experience in my past left me with a distaste for lawyers. I’m happy to say you have renewed my confidence in the legal profession. Without your patience & dedication I’m sure my case would not have turned out so well.

Karen P.’s Story

It has been a long road. I know many of you worked hard and put in many hours and for that I am grateful. I am appreciative of the settlement you have obtained for me and although it has been an emotional road please do not take that as an under-appreciation.

M. M.’s Story

W&L has been very efficient in all your research and caring and sharing in my behalf. Many, many thanks.

Dick H.’s Story

I would like to acknowledge how grateful I am to Weitz & Luxenberg for their dedication and ability to persevere and finally win a case my wife and I were involved in. Their name, and power in that name, and their hard work paid dividends for us. Thank you so much to the good people at Weitz & Luxenberg for not only representing us but also for being a friend to us.

Wendy’s Story

The firm genuinely cared about my family and diligently worked hard on our case and saw it through to the end.

Mrs. James E.’s Story

You have worked very hard for my husband. It’s been such a pleasure and relief knowing you are there. Thank you again. I want to take a little time on behalf of my ailing husband and myself to thank you so very much to keep working for us. When he gets a check in the mail it’s a blessing. We’re living from check to check. God bless you. You are wonderful.

Clara S.’s Story

You and your staff are to be commended. I have never been involved in a litigation before and had no idea what would happen. You relieved that tension.

Donald T.’s Story

This is to say thank you for all your people and you for the work you have done for us. May you all have a wonderful year… You have made mine.

Alice B.’s Story

Thank you for making people aware of asbestos poisoning, and finding some compensation for all the pain and suffering that occurs in the lives of people and families that have this happen in their lives.

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