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Douglas S.’s Story

As a retired 638 Steamfitter, it is comforting to know you are still out there working for me after all these years. Thank you.

Virgil W.’s Story

You folks have done an excellent job on my behalf in recovering for me money from the asbestos companies. Money I never would have received otherwise!

James E.’s Story

I wish to thank you so very much for taking such good care of me. And to thank you for working so hard to help me get what’s owed to me. I don’t know where I’d be without your help. Again thank you.

Anthony C.’s Story

Your hard work on behalf of your clients is very much appreciated, as well as your dedication and persistence. Thank you W&L

Dorothy D.’s Story

Your firm has been wonderful to myself and family. I greatly appreciate all of the hard work you have done on my behalf. Thank you isn’t enough.

Alice’s Story

I appreciate your kindness and concern in your efforts to bring some peace of mind after the passing of my husband from asbestos. Thank you again for all your work and kindness at this difficult time.

Dolores’s Story

I am very pleased with everything you’ve done for me. I would recommend you to everyone I know.

Edward S.’s Story

Kind, compassionate staff who will take care of all your needs and answer any of your questions you may have.

Sharon K.’s Story

The concern and professionalism flowed together to bring an acceptable conclusion to a devastating situation. I am extremely happy we chose W&L.

Rosemary K.’s Story

You have been so thorough and wonderful about everything. I really appreciate the time you took to talk to me and explain everything in detail. You really stand behind your clients. Thank you for so much, for everything.

John R.’s Story

The efforts by the staff at W&L have been stellar. Our claim has enabled us to financially take care of our mother and all her medical and housing needs! W&L took a huge burden off of us. Thank you.

Thomas K.’s Story

W&L has done the right thing by me. I am a Navy vet and retired steamfitter NYC LU 638. Thank you.

Alice B.’s Story

Thank you for making people aware of asbestos poisoning, and finding some compensation for all the pain and suffering that occurs in the lives of people and families that have this happen in their lives.

Donald T.’s Story

This is to say thank you for all your people and you for the work you have done for us. May you all have a wonderful year… You have made mine.

Clara S.’s Story

You and your staff are to be commended. I have never been involved in a litigation before and had no idea what would happen. You relieved that tension.

Mrs. James E.’s Story

You have worked very hard for my husband. It’s been such a pleasure and relief knowing you are there. Thank you again. I want to take a little time on behalf of my ailing husband and myself to thank you so very much to keep working for us. When he gets a check in the mail it’s a blessing. We’re living from check to check. God bless you. You are wonderful.

Wendy’s Story

The firm genuinely cared about my family and diligently worked hard on our case and saw it through to the end.

Dick H.’s Story

I would like to acknowledge how grateful I am to Weitz & Luxenberg for their dedication and ability to persevere and finally win a case my wife and I were involved in. Their name, and power in that name, and their hard work paid dividends for us. Thank you so much to the good people at Weitz & Luxenberg for not only representing us but also for being a friend to us.

M. M.’s Story

W&L has been very efficient in all your research and caring and sharing in my behalf. Many, many thanks.

Karen P.’s Story

It has been a long road. I know many of you worked hard and put in many hours and for that I am grateful. I am appreciative of the settlement you have obtained for me and although it has been an emotional road please do not take that as an under-appreciation.

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