Client Testimonials: Mesothelioma: Page 21

Susan E.’s Story

Thank you for your efforts on our behalf. I wish you were magic and could bring my husband back. Short of that, I am glad your work holds accountable the companies who knew asbestos causes cancer and held the lives of exposed people in such disregard.

Sandra B.’s Story

I want to thank W&L for the thousands of dollars they have gotten for me. It has helped me so much after my husband passed away.

Houston’s Story

I thank you all for what you have done. He has passed on and I am all by myself. It is hard. He told me before he passed that I could count on you all. God bless.

Robert B.’s Story

We really appreciate your hard work on our behalf and the compensation checks have been nice along the way.

Regina O.’s Story

You recently sent a large settlement check and blew me away. How can I thank you and the others for this nice surprise. So much work goes into a case and I was fortunate to pick the right firm to represent me.

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