Client Testimonials: Mesothelioma: Page 23

James M.’s Story

Thank you W&L for being a true fighter for the little guy in the asbestos claims.

Nick G.’s Story

Thank you for your continued work on my dad’s settlement. My sister, brother, and I feel like our deceased father and mother are still taking care of us even when they are not here anymore.

Vincent S.’s Story

It may be your pleasure to have sent me a check, it is indeed more than a pleasure to have received it.

Lawrence J.’s Story

I feel that W&L lawyers are a very professional team fighting to right a wrong that asbestos poisoning brings to me and my family. Thank you for easing the pain a little.

Joyce M.’s Story

It is with great sadness that I write to inform you that my beloved husband passed away on June 8. I want you to know that both he and I truly appreciated all of the many times you went to court and fought and won settlements on his behalf for all the years he worked in the plumbing and heating field with asbestos and asbestos-related materials. Little did we know then what a toll it would take on the health of those who worked with it. My most sincere thanks go to all of you for the most helpful monetary awards you sent when it was greatly needed. I will always fondly and gratefully remember your fine firm. God bless each of you greatly!

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