Firm News: Dec. 2011

Halliburton Water Contamination

Eighty-seven residents of Duncan, Okla., are suing energy giant Halliburton Co., its subsidiary Halliburton Energy Services Inc. and SAIC Energy, Environmental and Infrastructure LLC (formerly The Benham Companies LLC). Their suit alleges they were harmed by decades-long consumption of well-water contaminated with toxic wastes from a nearby rocket-motor recycling operation (docket CJ-2011-A51-W, District Court, Cleveland…

Widower Receives Mesothelioma Verdict

When she was hospitalized in 2008 for stomach pain, the 56-year-old Hasbrouck Heights, N.J., homemaker and grandmother had no idea she would be dead scant months later. Initially, she thought the pain was somehow connected to the appendix removed in her teen years, since it felt similar. But no. A CAT scan revealed intestinal blockage,…

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