Weitz & Luxenberg and Erin Brockovich host meeting in Pompton Lakes, NJ to discuss PCE and TCE contamination from former DuPont Plant.

WHO: Weitz & Luxenberg and Erin Brockovich

WHAT:The firm invites residents to attend a special meeting with Ms. Brockovich and our environmental lawyer,

WHEN: Thursday April 23, 7 p.m.

WHERE: Pompton Lakes High School Auditorium, 44 Lakeside Avenue, Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442

BACKGROUND: The environmental lawyers of Weitz & Luxenberg PC would like to alert the public to a candid community meeting that took place with Walter Mugdan, a director with the Environmental Protection Agency, and that covered the environmental contamination and health concerns wrought by a former explosives manufacturing plant in the Upper Ringwood neighborhood in New Jersey.

As reported by the The Record newspaper on March 27, 2009, Mugdan admitted, “We blew it . . . we thought we did a good job and had a good cleanup, but we didn’t.”

Reportedly, Pompton Lakes, NJ Councilman Edward Meakem was at that very meeting in support of the Upper Ringwood residents.

In fact, Meakem’s own hometown is now contending with a similar problem. “It’s the same thing over all the country,” he said, according to the Record. “These corporations leave pollution behind and no one is making sure they are cleaning it up.”

As with the contamination in Ringwood, indoor air sampling tests taken in Pompton Lakes reveal vapors from Tetrachloroethene (PCE), used often in the textile industry and as a component of aerosol dry-cleaning products, and Tricholorethene (TCE), used as a solvent for cleaning metal parts, are rising from the ground into nearly 400 homes.

The pollution originated from DuPont’s former explosives manufacturing plant that operated in the borough for 92 years.

“Innocent families of Pompton Lakes are now contending with industrial vapor intrusion in their own homes and many residents fear they have become sick from the contamination,” said Robin Greenwald, head of the Environmental Toxic Torts Unit at Weitz & Luxenberg. She added, “The people in the community need and deserve to have their voices heard, and right now DuPont and the agencies responsible for policing pollution aren’t listening.”

The firm, along with famed environmental advocate Erin Brockovich, will be available next week in Pompton Lakes to let families know there is recourse for corporate dumping in their neighborhoods.

“There are more mishandled toxic chemicals out there than any of us would like to consider,” said Brockovich. “But we have to consider them all,” she added. “And that includes holding corporations accountable and ensuring they take responsibility.”

If you and your family have been affected by contamination in Pompton Lakes, please contact the environmental lawyers at Weitz & Luxenberg P.C. using the form.


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