In the aftermath of the horrific environmental disaster in which billions of gallons of coal ash sludge broke through a dike of a 40-acre holding pond at TVA’s Kingston coal-fired power plant, Erin Brockovich and the lawyers of Weitz & Luxenberg P.C. hosted an important meeting.

“My main objective in these cases is not legal, but to work with the community to build trust and help protect their health and safety,” said famed environmental advocate Erin Brockovich. “Many times, industry deceives us and government is absent. People are left standing in contamination with no help,” Brockovich added. “I know lawsuits can scare people, but these lawyers (W&L) seek justice, and in doing so, they uncover the truth.”

Elevated levels of lead and thallium and what the Environmental Protection Agency called “very high” levels of arsenic have been found in water samples taken near the site of the TVA spill, which, to date, had destroyed at least three homes and damaged scores of properties.

“People have a right to fight back if their property has been affected by this spill—if their well water has been contaminated,” said Robin Greenwald, head of the Environmental Toxic Torts Unit at Weitz & Luxenberg.

The law firm of Weitz & Luxenberg P.C. is no stranger to helping victims of environmental pollution. The firm recently secured a landmark settlement against some of the country’s biggest oil companies for contaminating public drinking water supplies with a gasoline additive known as methyl butyl tertiary ether, or MTBE. Most of those defendants agreed to pay $423 million to settle suits involving the contamination of 153 public and private drinking water systems nationally.

Weitz & Luxenberg has been winning such cases for over 20 years.

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