Weitz & Luxenberg managing attorney Lisa Nathanson Busch shared her experience with colleagues at the recent National Asbestos Litigation Conference organized by Perrin Conferences. Ms. Busch, along with a cadre of talented professionals in the legal industry, discussed current topics in asbestos litigation.

The conference was held in September 2021, at the Fairmont San Francisco Hotel. Ms. Busch spoke as part of a panel on two separate days — Monday and Wednesday.

Safety Was Ensured

“Perrin Conferences ensured everyone’s safety at this event by instating numerous precautions. We were all required to be fully vaccinated and provide proof. Masks were mandatory indoors at all of the conference’s functions,” Ms. Busch explains.

“Overall, I think we were all glad to be able to meet in person and exchange information and ideas at our panels,” Ms. Busch continues.

Bankruptcy Trusts

Her topic was The State of the Bankruptcy Trusts on Monday, September 27. As head of W&L’s Asbestos Bankruptcy Department for decades, Ms. Busch is a leader in this area of litigation. She and her colleagues explored questions and concerns with existing trusts and those still in litigation.

According to Ms. Busch, “The court system may have slowed down during the COVID-19 pandemic because of mandatory quarantines, but the bankruptcy trusts were fully operational and we were able to continue working on behalf of our clients. Over 50 companies that have filed for bankruptcy have asbestos trusts.”

Ms. Busch explains, “There’s a lot to keep track of. Companies are always looking for clever legal maneuvers to dodge their liabilities and avoid being held responsible. One of these is what’s referred to as the Texas Two-Step.”

Lien Resolution

Lien Resolution was also a main topic on Wednesday, September 29, for Ms. Busch. Panelists presented updates on key concerns.

A Sense of Collaboration

“Both of the panels I participated on felt collegial and collaborative. Our conversation was informative, and I hope this respectful engagement continues,” Ms. Busch adds.

“I am fortunate to work with an excellent team at Weitz & Luxenberg,” Ms. Busch says.

Busch’s Role at W&L

Ms. Busch joined W&L as an associate attorney in 1994. Originally, she oversaw silicone breast-implant injury claims and litigation. She soon also began working in the asbestos new case unit and quickly added the bankruptcy unit as well.

In addition to administering the department, Ms. Busch manages all aspects of the firm’s asbestos bankruptcy litigation, participates on the Asbestos Claimants’ and Trust Advisory Committees, files individual claims, and oversees each and every new asbestos exposure legal case W&L accepts.

W&L’s Client Team

W&L’s team of nearly 500 lawyers, paralegals, and support professionals has earned national acclaim for our pioneering work in asbestos litigation. W&L handles more than 500 cases each year and has been working on behalf of people harmed by asbestos exposure for more than 30 years.

W&L attorneys have honed their experience in litigating more than 33,000 asbestos cases. We have secured more than $18 billion on behalf of our clients over the years, including a 2013 record-setting $190 million asbestos verdict.

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