Asbestos kills. It causes mesothelioma cancer. And it doesn’t take much of an exposure to set in motion changes within the body that ultimately lead to the grave.

If you’re a victim, don’t be a helpless one. Take action. Do it now. Look for a personal injury law firm that for many years has succeeded at righting the wrongs done to innocent Californians who came into contact with this toxic mineral and fallen ill with cancer or other diseases.

Look for a personal injury law firm that has pioneered many of the pre-trial methods and courtroom strategies now used to win sizable verdicts against or settlements from the companies responsible for causing exposure to toxic asbestos fibers.

That law firm is Weitz & Luxenberg in Los Angeles.

Although the wrongdoer in an asbestos cancer case is often a very large corporation with an army of lawyers to protect it, we at Weitz & Luxenberg know that people who are injured by exposure to toxic asbestos fibers can successfully sue and win.

In California alone, many asbestos victims who we’ve helped take corporations to court were awarded or granted sometimes very large sums to compensate for medical expenses, lost wages, even pain and suffering.

A misconception held by more than a few Golden State residents with regard to suing a company for the consequences of an asbestos exposure is that the opportunity to sue ends with the victim’s death. This is not so. Take it from us, the ability to sue for the harm done to the victim extends to those who survive him or her —a spouse, children or grandchildren.

However, the time to initiate an asbestos cancer lawsuit is very soon after the death occurs —or, better yet, before the victim passes away.

At Weitz & Luxenberg, we stand ready to help you obtain justice for yourself, your spouse, your parent, your grandparent.

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