Weitz & Luxenberg brain-injury trial attorney Shareef Rabaa has won appointment as president of the National Trial Lawyers’ Top 40 Under 40 organization for young attorneys of extraordinary talent and accomplishment.  

Rabaa’s selection to the top post was announced in early January; his one-year term as president begins in 2015.  

“One of my goals as president will be to spread the message to the general public that justice is available to everyone through the civil courts of the United States,” Rabaa said. “A second goal will be to increase awareness that our Constitution makes it possible to boldly stand up to the powers that try to marginalize the ability of a free people to exercise their right to live in peace and pursue happiness.”  

Rabaa explained that he also hopes to help the Top 40 Under 40 strengthen its stance as an organization against individuals and entities hostile to plaintiffs’ rights as currently constituted by the U.S. civil justice system.  

“They oppose these rights without stopping to think that someday they themselves might suffer an injury and may need to seek redress through the very system they are hoping to weaken,” Rabaa said.  

Rabaa currently serves on the Executive Board of the Top 40 Under 40, a professional organization composed of the nation’s best civil-plaintiff and/or criminal-defense trial lawyers 40 years old or younger. Membership is by invitation only; a group of Top 40 lawyers exists in each state plus a number of regions. To be welcomed in, a young lawyer must possess superior qualifications, a truly impressive record of trial or settlement results, and demonstrated leadership abilities, Rabaa indicated.  

“The members of the Top 40 Under 40 are not looking to be leaders of the future,” he said. “We’re looking to be leaders right now.”  

The organization’s parent body, the National Trial Lawyers, is composed of top-ranked advocates of all ages from across the country. “The NTL is noted for being on the cutting edge of new thinking about the rights of injured parties,” said Rabaa, who believes his involvement with the National Trial Lawyers greatly benefits his Weitz & Luxenberg clients.  

“My participation gives me access to the best expert witnesses, the best advocacy-support technology, the best legal minds in the country,” he said. “When you prepare for trial, you want every edge you can get — and the edge I gain from the NTL is unquestionably huge.”  

Rabaa is a recognized authority on neurological injuries — traumatic brain injuries, in particular. His expertise often produces high-value verdicts and settlements for clients. A coveted speaker, he has in the past addressed groups including the North American Brain Injury Society and presented his ideas at events such as the Traumatic Brain Injury and Emotional Injury Summit. Rabaa studied at the University of Dayton School of Law. Shortly afterward, he became an assistant attorney general in Ohio. At 26, Rabaa earned distinction as one of the youngest Buckeye State lawyers ever to argue and win an oral argument in front of Ohio’s highest court (State ex rel. Adams v. Industrial Commission, 2004 Ohio 6891).

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