The Wall Street Journal made an invaluable contribution to the national conversation about asbestos-exposure injuries by chronicling the health struggles of medical doctor Bill McQueen, a Weitz & Luxenberg client who recently died of mesothelioma. The article accurately depicts the horror of mesothelioma and demonstrates the disease’s devastating effect on the families of victims like Dr. McQueen.

It is our view that the spotlight shines on this terrible disease far too infrequently, and thus we are grateful that the Journal’s article will draw more eyes to an important cause that is close to the hearts of Weitz & Luxenberg’s attorneys and clients.

The Journal correctly observed that Weitz & Luxenberg is among the very most active asbestos litigation firms, yearly filing suit on behalf of hundreds of clients, many of whom lack the resources to manage their disease or trace the history of their asbestos exposure. We were proud that Weitz & Luxenberg was identified as “prolific filers” of asbestos cancer cases because that designation reflects our preeminent position in the asbestos litigation field — a status that explains why we are sought out by clients and other attorneys looking for an effective firm capable of winning the toughest asbestos cases.

We were gratified as well that the Journal referenced our previously published press-release comments about being able to assist clients who have difficult-to-prove cases or who do not understand where they may have been exposed to asbestos. That Weitz & Luxenberg-authored press release (read it here) identified — as the Journal rightly noted — a key skill our attorneys possess: the ability to thoroughly investigate a history of asbestos exposure our clients may not have even known about.

We help clients like Dr. McQueen because their tragic circumstances deeply move us and because the gross injustice they have suffered deeply offends us. We are grateful the Wall Street Journal has helped make known to a wider audience the story of asbestos exposure in the United States.

We recommend you view the video produced by the Journal in conjunction with its article; it provides a heartbreaking glimpse into a remarkable individual and his loving family, and shows why the corporations our clients sue must be held accountable for the scourge of this unrelenting disease.

For our part, we salute the bravery of the late Dr. McQueen (and that of his wife and daughters) in his gallant fight against mesothelioma — he pursued the best medical care possible as well as the best legal assistance, and did both in the proper order.

The only disagreement we have with this otherwise well-crafted article is the imagery conjured by its headline. Justice for Dr. McQueen has not been “a moving target.” Justice is and has always been the righting of wrongs perpetrated on another person, a target we pursue relentlessly and with unwavering dedication.

We take great pride in our ability to conduct research and formulate legal strategies that enable our clients to achieve favorable results. We are justifiably proud of the way we represent all our clients and we intend on continuing this dedication for as long as wronged individuals require it.

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