Super Lawyers magazine today reported that 14 attorneys from the powerhouse personal injury law firm of W&L, P.C., will appear in the prestigious periodical’s 2015 roster of outstanding New York City metro area lawyers.

Three of the 14 W&L attorneys have earned “Super Lawyers” plaudits every year for a decade straight. Several others have been on the list nearly as long.Three of the 14 are first-time honorees who join the magazine’s pantheon of notables as a “Super Lawyers Rising Star.” “Rising Stars” are younger attorneys who distinguish themselves by exhibiting superlative knowledge and skills.

An Impressive List of W&L Attorneys

Named as 2015 New York Metro “Super Lawyers” are W&L co-founding members Perry Weitz and Arthur M. Luxenberg, member Robert J. Gordon, litigation unit managing attorney Paul J. Pennock, and of counsel attorney Ellen Relkin.Sharing 2015 New York Metro “Super Lawyers” acclaim with these senior leaders of the firm are associate attorneys Adam R. Cooper, Lawrence B. Goldhirsch, Michael P. Roberts and Nicholas A. Wise. Selected as 2015 New York City Metro “Super Lawyers Rising Stars” are W&L associate attorneys James Bilsborrow, Michael Fanelli, Gennaro Savastano, Danielle M. Gold and Jonathan M. Sedgh.The “Super Lawyers” honorees who have been on the roster of excellence for a decade are Weitz, Luxenberg and Gordon.Pennock and Goldhirsch were inducted to the “Super Lawyers” list in 2007 and have returned every year since.Meanwhile, Relkin, Roberts and Wise have been “Super Lawyers” annually since 2010. Cooper debuted on the list in 2014, Among the “Rising Stars,” Bilsborrow, Fanelli and Savastano have each been recognized by the magazine in prior years. Fanelli originally achieved “Rising Star” status in 2012 and again in 2013 and 2014, while Bilsborrow and Savastano were added in 2014.W&L’s other “Rising Stars” —Gold and Sedgh —are first-time honorees, the firm indicated.

How They Chose W&L’s Attorneys

Whether “Rising Stars” or “Super Lawyers,” one thing all 14 W&L attorneys share in common is their excellence as practitioners of the law.Each was selected by Super Lawyers magazine after a rigorous evaluation process. According to Super Lawyers magazine, the honors are accorded only to attorneys whose peers agree they deserve recognition.The publication explains that an attorney is deemed worthy of induction to the list when he or she becomes widely acknowledged as possessing legal prowess a cut above 95 percent of all other lawyers in a given locale and practice area.Super Lawyers magazine indicates that its selection process begins with nominations from other attorneys.Those making nominations can only submit for consideration the names of attorneys they have personally observed at work in the courtroom, around the negotiating table, at a deposition hearing, or in some other legal setting, the magazine explains.Once an attorney is nominated, a research team from Super Lawyers magazine conducts an in-depth investigation to independently confirm that the candidate is as good as his or her nominators contend.The publication says it weighs approximately 12 factors in assessing each “Super Lawyers” or “Rising Stars” candidate before reaching a final decision.

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