W&L mesothelioma lawyer Danny R. Kraft Jr. will help teach asbestos attorneys from across the U.S. how to persuade a jury to deliver a favorable asbestos-injury verdict next week in San Francisco.
Mr. Kraft has been selected to share his expertise by taking part in a mock trial exercise at the Perrin Conferences Asbestos Litigation Conference, which runs from Sept. 28-30.
Mr. Kraft was invited to participate in the mock trial because of his reputation for delivering compelling opening and closing arguments.
He was also tapped because he is known for his ability to powerfully shape juror thinking during direct and cross examinations.
Three lawyers from other law firms will join Mr. Kraft in the mock trial exercise. The mock trial is scheduled to be held during the conference’s Tuesday, Sept. 29, afternoon session at the Fairmont San Francisco Hotel.
Earlier in the day, conference goers will hear from three judges who are slated to participate in a roundtable about various asbestos litigation topics.
Expected to be on hand are the Hon. Arnold L. New, coordinating judge at the Court of Common Pleas’ Complex Litigation Center in Philadelphia, the Hon. Teri Jackson of the California Superior Court Asbestos Department in San Francisco, and the Hon. Brad Seligman of the California Superior Court Asbestos Department in Oakland.

W&L Attorneys Frequently Appear at Perrin Events

Perrin Conferences are noted for being prestigious events, which is why W&L attorneys so frequently appear at them as keynote speakers and discussion panelists.
The conference opens on Monday, Sept. 28, with a session entitled “National Trends Driving Asbestos Litigation.” It includes an update on current trends, statistics and dynamics impacting asbestos litigation.
Later that morning there will be a panel on “Duty to Warn in Asbestos Litigation.” In addition to discussing the key elements and examples of effective warnings, the experts will also offer insights on take-home and bystander exposures.
In the afternoon, a session featuring medical authorities will probe the topic of “New Frontiers in Asbestos-Related Disease and Causation.” The assembled medical doctors will examine the question of asbestos versus cigarette smoke-induced fibrosis and offer pointers in spotting the difference between the two.
The physicians will also share professional insights concerning asbestosis and asbestos lung cancer —two other diseases besides mesothelioma to which asbestos exposure has been linked.
“I’m expecting the entire conference — not just the mock trial — to be a very successful educational opportunity for members of the legal profession from all across the nation,” Mr. Kraft said. “I’m very much looking forward to being part of it.”

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