Past Results: Mesothelioma: Page 8

Asbestos Plaintiffs Awarded $64.65 Million

The prognosis for the four plaintiffs in this asbestos personal injury case is grim, according to their attorney, Robert J. Gordon. Each is expected to die soon from an incurable form of cancer. William Falloon, the youngest plaintiff, was diagnosed in 1995 with mesothelioma, a terminal cancer of the lining of the lungs, whose only…

$9.8 Million Awarded in Electrician Case

In 2000, a jury awarded $9.8 million to the family of an electrician who died of asbestos-related cancer after years of employment in New York’s power plants. Weitz & Luxenberg lawyers Robert Gordon and Michael Roberts tried the case. They said that the deceased, Dominick Fazio, had inhaled asbestos particles during more than 20 years…

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