Erin Brockovich speaks candidly about working with Weitz & Luxenberg, and our consistency of actions and high sense of integrity.

“It is really important to me… for my integrity. How I do or don’t respond to a situation. And the team that I believe in and I work with – so there is no… paid here thing… to sit here and talk about Weitz & Luxenberg.

For me the proof is in the pudding. You know, one of my daughters was born in Missouri, the ‘Show Me’ state, show me. Don’t ever ask Weitz & Luxenberg to show you, because they will show you.

They are consistent every day, year after year, with their follow-through, with their decisions, with you know, respecting the law. They are lawyers… and the justice and where they can maneuver to help those people and when they can’t, to be honest – and that just says it all.

And this isn’t something that, you know… we know there’s plenty of firms, you know, like all the hype over here and show up, and then disappear.

I can’t tell you how many emails I’ve had from people: ‘The firm just dumped me, the firm just left me, they never came through.’ That consistency with Weitz & Luxenberg is… it just keeps me coming back, because I’m like, ‘Boy, they’re just still with it.’

I grew up in the Midwest. My parents always taught me the value of stick-to-itiveness and Weitz & Luxenberg is just that. Definition now, ‘propensity to follow through in a determined manner. Dogged persistence, born of obligation and stubbornness.’ That’s Weitz & Luxenberg and my dad, that taught me about integrity.

They have personal integrity. They had the integrity of that law. And sometimes there would be a situation that could disappoint a client, that might move them away… from that position. And they will be transparent and forthwith, and they will tell you.

That’s admirable. That’s why I’m still around. I hope that they’re okay with me still hanging around… can’t get rid of me that easily. But nobody has to pay me to say anything.

I’m pretty good about speaking. But I know, what I see, and what I believe. And I’m not gonna ever let anyone try to put off onto me what I’m experiencing with this firm.

What I’ve seen from this firm, on the ground with this firm, is anything, other than what I’ve seen and what I’m saying here today.

They’ve proven it to me. They’ve proven it to communities. And they stay true to themselves. That’s something you don’t always see in this day and age. And consistently, they do that.”

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