Erin Brockovich reveals the significant number of clients Weitz & Luxenberg has served, and the huge verdicts and settlements we have won for them.

“Well, Weitz & Luxenberg has helped a lot of clients. Certainly tens of thousands with asbestos. Oh, well before I even, you know, became a part of their firm and being able to see the work they do. And I can tell you again, tens and tens of thousands more. I mean 55,000 and more.

And I don’t sit and do all the numbers, but I’m out there with them on so many of these cases. Again, from the BP oil spill to the situation [that] happened in Flint, Michigan, to the TVA Coal Ash Bill, to the Aliso Canyon. It’s thousands, and thousands, and thousands, and thousands of people – that’s a lot.

And not everybody sees, you know, what a law firm goes through to manage, and stay in contact, and update, and track, and be present with that many people. So, from asbestos to medical device litigation to environmental work – they’re there.

And people, again, you know it is about trust. But they will also ask, you know, ‘Do they win?’ and, collectively, you’re looking at $17 billion.

I mean, that’s a win. You [know] it’s always difficult for me, especially, and I think it is for clients too, sometimes, to talk about the money aspect. But they do want to know. You know, everybody wants a winning team, right?

Everybody likes someone who wins that Super Bowl, and we always take a look at that. Maybe we don’t always talk about it, but let’s talk about that for a minute.

So well, over 50,000 clients in the asbestos and medical alone. We’re not even talking about the environmental issues, and the massive cases they take on.

$17 billion and growing. That’s a winner. That’s provable. That’s a result – of hard work. And that’s the result – of standing up and fighting for the person who’s been wronged.

Weitz & Luxenberg has a large sense of justice. And if we’re going to talk about finances and the number of people they’ve represented and $17 billion dollars and climbing. If that’s not like I said a minute ago – winnable and provable – I don’t know what is.”

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