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Reta T.’s Story

A bad experience in my past left me with a distaste for lawyers. I'm happy to say you have renewed my confidence in the legal profession. Without your patience & dedication I'm sure my case would not have turned out so well.


Bob B.’s Story

It is not often that one "beats City Hall" and it is with some satisfaction that I tell you how grateful I am and how grateful my dear Phyllis would have been, had she been alive to see it.


Betty N.’s Story

Please know that I am a client that is very grateful to have come under your umbrella. Your follow-through was so reassuring and nurturing at all times. I hope you will continue this path for many years to come.


Kenneth Condran’s Story

My father, Clarence Condran, was diagnosed with mesothelioma back in March. He started in the steel mill in 1950. That exposure was the main exposure Dad received as a bricklayer. I called Weitz & Luxenberg and they showed a unique sense of caring for him. It was a no-brainer; I needed to go with that law firm. I can tell you firsthand that Weitz & Luxenberg is with you every step of the way.

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