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About Weitz & Luxenberg

Combining cutting-edge legal work with old-fashioned values, Weitz & Luxenberg is an elite team that stands behind you.

Who We Are

At Weitz & Luxenberg our goal is to achieve the largest verdicts and settlements possible for our clients to ensure they receive the compensation they deserve.


Weitz & Luxenberg has earned national acclaim for our pioneering work in asbestos litigation, handling more than 500 cases each year.


Through compassionate and skilled representation, every Weitz & Luxenberg lawyer is committed to helping people achieve justice


Weitz & Luxenberg has a nearly 40-year track record of success, recovering over $19 billion in verdicts and settlements for clients nationwide.*

Industry Leaders

Not only do judges often appoint Weitz & Luxenberg attorneys to national litigation leadership positions, our peers actively follow our progress and caseload.

With You Every Step of the Way

Perry Weitz & Arthur M. Luxenberg founded our firm on the passionate

belief that everyday people are as entitled to high-powered legal

representation as big corporations. That core value still rings true today.

Your Decision Is Clear

We strive to make the litigation process easy and transparent. We’ll let you know what to expect every step of the way, and we work with you long after your trial is over to make sure you receive the maximum award possible from every defendant.


Members of our experienced team are on call nearly 24/7 to answer questions and ensure that all your needs are met. Being able to put your trust in a strong, powerful law firm is a tremendous benefit. Weitz & Luxenberg gives families that advantage.

“I have full trust in this firm. The process was so simple thanks to the hard work done by W&L communication was fast, thorough, and personable. I’m beyond grateful for the hard and professional work done on my behalf.”


Kate Brophy


Personal Injury & Mass Tort Law Firm

We offer clients the rare combination of the well-oiled legal machine required to prosecute large mass tort litigations, along with the individual care essential for individual accident cases.


Our History

What role should a firm’s origins and history play in your selection process? Does it really matter why a firm was founded, and what motivates them to keep achieving high standards year after year? And, will knowing what really is in the firm’s DNA make a difference for you at this critical time?


  • At Weitz & Luxenberg we think it is critical for you to know why we were established in the late 1980s.
  • Not every trial or legal action goes smoothly — defendants do not arrive at a settlement discussion with an open checkbook. 
  • Plaintiff’s attorneys need to be ready for hand-to-hand combat sometimes, in order to achieve fair results for their clients.


It’s therefore important for you to know what a firm does when the going gets tough, and with Weitz & Luxenberg, you can easily see a pattern of behavior that demonstrates that our firm is in to win every single case we accept, bar none.

How We Do It

Our nearly four decades of experience litigating against, and negotiating with, companies and their lawyers provides substantial benefits for the successful prosecution of trials and the maximization of settlements. We’ve built a reputation for excellence among judges and opposing counsel, and have developed winning methods for explaining complicated scientific and medical issues to juries.

Asbestos Trust Advisory

Companies that manufactured asbestos products in the U.S. and subsequently declared bankruptcy established trusts to compensate workers and their families. We serve on 25 corporate bankruptcy Trust Advisory Committees.

Court-Appointed Liaison Counsel

Our lawyers have served as court-appointed liaison counsel for state and federal asbestos, breast implant, hip-replacement, consumer class action, and other litigation.

Asbestos Discovery

Weitz & Luxenberg investigates each case and determines where people were exposed to asbestos, what products they were exposed to, and what companies are responsible.

Who We Help

Our firm fights for people who would otherwise be without a voice. We stand up for their legal rights. We advocate for blue-collar workers — men and women who built this country but are now devastated because of mesothelioma. We represent families who have been exposed to contaminants in the air and in water. We champion patients whose lives were forever altered by defective drugs or devices.

Lawsuits Against 100+ Companies

Weitz & Luxenberg has evolved into one of the most comprehensive and resource-rich plaintiff’s firms in the nation, with the ability to provide top-flight legal services across a broad spectrum of practices. To date, our firm has sued many giant corporations, earning us The National Law Journal’s recognition as one of the “Elite Trial Law Firms in the United States.”

56,000 Clients Helped

Our lawyers have not only cultivated a bond of trust with thousands of thankful clients, but also have gone above and beyond to give each client complete attention and legal representation. We have helped over 50,000 people, and we expect to help thousands more. Even competing law firms refer numerous asbestos-related cases to us every year.

Who We Fight

Many of our clients went to work every day to support their families and looked forward to enjoying their retirement. Corporate greed and negligence took that away from them. Our firm is committed to holding corporations accountable for putting profits over the health of their customers and employees.

Corporations with Asbestos Liability

Job-related asbestos exposure is largely preventable, yet many American companies ignored the potentially toxic effects of asbestos. Some even hid the dangers from workers, including their own employees.

Taking Legal Action

Our firm has helped secure landmark results from a record-setting $190 million asbestos verdict in 2013 to the $7.8 billion settlement with BP in the Gulf Oil Spill litigation.

Firm News

Stay on top of breaking news regarding mesothelioma and asbestos, defective drugs and medical devices, environmental issues, consumer protection, and personal injury litigation.

Where We Serve

We have locations across the country to conveniently serve our clients.

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