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In addition to being Weitz & Luxenberg’s nationwide headquarters, our New York office is a full-service personal injury/mass torts law firm representing clients throughout the New York metropolitan region.

New York

700 Broadway
New York, NY 10003
Phone: (212) 558-5500 Fax: (212) 344-5461

We Have Helped 55,000 people

As a nationally recognized personal injury law firm, our attorneys are dedicated to pursuing complex and large scale litigation on behalf of people — especially veterans — across the country.

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History of the Office

Founded in 1986 by partners Perry Weitz and Arthur Luxenberg, Weitz & Luxenberg is a national law firm with strong New York roots.


One of our earliest victories was a $75 million verdict for Brooklyn Navy Yard workers exposed to asbestos. While the case cemented the firm as a leader in asbestos litigation across America, it is also an enduring example of the firm’s longtime advocacy for the working men and women of New York.


The Weitz & Luxenberg Building at 700 Broadway, former home to the National Audubon Society, was declared a New York City Landmark in 1999. Designed in the late 1800s by George B. Post, who designed the New York Stock Exchange and some of America’s first skyscrapers, it was renovated as New York’s first “green building” a hundred years later. It stands as a physical symbol of Weitz & Luxenberg’s commitment to the people who shaped New York’s history and our commitment to its future.(1) (2)

"It’s a privilege to help people. We want to meet our clients face-to-face. The best relationship you’re going to have is where you start with a handshake with a client. It’s what sets us apart from other law firms our size. That personal relationship is the key."


Gary Klein, Managing Attorney

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Our Past Results Speak For Themselves

At Weitz & Luxenberg our goal is to achieve the largest verdicts and settlements possible for our clients to ensure they receive the compensation they deserve.

$23.5 Million

For a hit-and-run victim paralyzed from the chest down. The owner of the car that struck our client claimed it had been stolen. An investigation showed his son had been driving it.

$75 Million

A $75 million verdict for a couple sickened after decades of asbestos exposure. The award for Marlena and Ed Robaey is the largest single case asbestos verdict ever for Weitz & Luxenberg.

$2.5 Billion

A $2.5 billion settlement for thousands of patients whose DePuy hip implants failed and were removed prior to August 31, 2013. The standard base payment was $250,000 per patient.

Full-Service Law Firm

Although we are best known for our groundbreaking asbestos litigation and leading roles in mass tort cases, our New York office practices a full range of legal services, including:

Asbestos Litigation

New York ranks fourth in the nation for asbestos-related deaths.(3) Asbestos exposure can take decades to cause mesothelioma and other deadly diseases. Our firm has secured some of New York’s largest verdicts and settlements for asbestos victims.

Drugs & Devices

We have the resources and experience to take on drug and medical device makers when their products fail, endangering people’s health and lives. Our attorneys have played key roles litigating cases involving dangerous drugs and defective medical devices.


Contaminates in the air, water, and soil can threaten the lives of whole communities. Our Environmental Pollution unit represents managers of local water systems and private individuals harmed by polluters.

Consumer Protection

Corporations’ carelessness or willingness to cut corners can result in consumer fraud, defective or dangerous products, or data breaches that open you to the risk of identity theft. We have experience protecting clients from injuries and financial losses.

Personal Injury

In a typical year, as many as 50,000 people may be injured in a motor vehicle crash in New York City alone.(4) Thousands more injuries may happen at construction sites or other workplaces, aboard airplanes or at airports, or from falls in public places.


Discover firsthand accounts and testimonials that reflect the quality of our legal advocates and services and the satisfaction of people we have had the privilege to serve.

Sue Crawford

"I would highly recommend Weitz & Luxenberg to anyone who has mesothelioma. This is a law firm that goes above and beyond for their clients. They certainly did for us." Read More

Jim Kress

"Weitz & Luxenberg, these guys aren’t charlatans. They aren’t greedy. They’re humanitarians. Genuine humanitarians. They’re on a quest to help people. They really are. The help I received from Weitz & Luxenberg was incredible. And it came at a time when I needed it the most..." Read More

W&L Gives Back

Founders Perry Weitz and Arthur Luxenberg have contributed a substantial gift to the Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center (VIC) at Massachusetts General Hospital. The VIC is developing immunotherapy drugs to better treat mesothelioma patients., a “virtual race against mesothelioma” sponsored by Weitz & Luxenberg, raises research funds for further VIC research into treating mesothelioma.

Quick Help

What types of litigation does the New York City office focus on?

Our firm, Weitz & Luxenberg, began with litigation about asbestos exposure causing mesothelioma, lung cancer, and other cancers. And we became one of the highly successful leading firms from our beginnings in the 1980s. New York is a key place where engineers, laborers, industrial workers, and other blue-collar workers faced asbestos exposure. We expanded to cover a range of personal injury and consumer protection lawsuits.

Who should contact the New York office for help?

Many of our cases are asbestos exposure lawsuits. The majority of our clients for these lawsuits are workers from power plants, hospitals, military sites, and commercial construction sites. Our clients were employed as shipyard workers, construction workers, contractors, power plant workers, insulators, and auto mechanics.

Do all your clients have first-hand exposure from asbestos?

No. In addition to people who were directly exposed to asbestos at work, we often have cancer cases from their family members. These family members were exposed to asbestos when it was brought home by their loved ones. It may be a child who grew up greeting their dad with a big hug when he came home from work. Or it could be a wife who was washing his laundry. Unfortunately, they can both get extremely sick from their exposure to asbestos.

Does Weitz & Luxenberg accept clients with personal injuries not related to asbestos?

Yes, we help a wide range of clients. Although our focus is on asbestos exposure, this type of injury falls under a broader umbrella of personal injury law. In these other cases, our clients are also injured by a company’s negligence.


These are often cases involving water contamination and other types of environmental pollution. We also have clients who were made sick by toxic chemicals in other ways. In addition to these, we handle cases for people suffering from dangerous drugs or defective medical devices, including hip implants.

What drives the team at Weitz & Luxenberg?

It is simple. We want to help people hurt by others. We believe in righting wrongs. And our clients deserve our best efforts. We know the large corporations have a lot of power and use that power — often putting their profits ahead of people’s lives. That’s why we do this.


Most of our clients are hardworking, regular people. They care about their families and do their best to support them. None of them suspected just working could expose them to dangerous materials — and those materials could kill them. Or their family members.


But the corporations knew. They just chose not to tell their workers, and not to spend the money needed to provide sufficient protections on the job.


We think you deserve better. And we will help you get it.

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