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Frequently Asked Questions

You may find it difficult to choose a law firm to represent you after you’ve been hurt or injured. Weitz & Luxenberg has experienced attorneys who have won many successful cases for our clients. We also care deeply about getting you the justice you deserve. We are always asked: What does it cost to hire you? The answer: You pay a share of what we win for you. If we don’t win, you don’t pay us anything. Find out more about this and how the W&L team can help you.

Filing a Lawsuit

Get answers to your questions about filing your lawsuit.

Choosing a Lawyer to Work With

Learn how picking the right lawyer is critical to your success.

How Weitz & Luxenberg Can Help You

Choose a law firm with the experience and resources you need.

Quick Help

Filing a Lawsuit

I’ve been hurt and think I have a legal claim. What should I do about it?

If someone or something has caused you injury, you should definitely locate a lawyer and discuss your situation. A lawyer can help you organize your thoughts, objectively evaluate the situation, determine what harm you suffered, and what the subsequent damages are.  A lawsuit may be the only way you can become compensated for any damages.  These could include medical and health care bills, loss of wages and financial reward for your family if you don’t survive. Weitz & Luxenberg has a Client Intake Center that can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (800) 476-6070, or by email at [email protected].

How long do I have before my right to sue disappears?

Due to a law called a “statute of limitations,” the right to sue on most legal claims expire after a few years. The time frame is different for each state and often depends on the specific details of your case. For example, if you are ill, there is a limited amount of time from when you receive your diagnosis to when you can file a claim. The smartest thing to do is contact a lawyer as soon as possible. A good lawyer can help you determine how many years, months, or days you have left to file your lawsuit.

If I file a lawsuit, what happens next?

Unlike the dramatic courtroom cases you see on television, lawsuits in real life involve lots of research and paperwork. The lawyers at Weitz & Luxenberg can help you navigate this legal red tape. Civil lawsuits also involve settlement discussions, which can allow you to receive compensation without the time and risk associated with a trial. If your case goes to trial, your lawyer will go with you. A trial result may be determined by a judge or jury.

Are mass tort and class action lawsuits different?

Yes. In a class action suit, lots of individuals are put in a legal group and all sue the same person or organization. A mass tort is more individualized. Although there is only one overall action, you receive more personal attention. There are multiple lawsuits going on, not just one, but they are all being handled at the same time and may be resolved with a single settlement.

Will I have to go to court?

It depends. For some cases, yes, you go to court for a trial. In others, highly skilled lawyers can negotiate a settlement for you. A settlement means you and the defendant agree to end your lawsuit without the jury deciding the outcome. The decision to accept a settlement offer is yours. If you turn it down, your lawsuit may proceed to trial or end. In some cases, any settlement won’t be offered until your trial is underway.

How much money is my case worth?

Each situation is unique. Until a verdict or settlement is reached, no one can know for sure. Our wins for most of our clients range from $100,000 into the millions of dollars. It depends on how badly you were injured, if the injury can be repaired, and how much pain and suffering you are undergoing. Another factor is how your injury affects the rest of your life, and your family’s life.

How long does it take before a settlement or trial is reached?

It typically takes 3-5 years. The timeframe for when your lawsuit gets to a courtroom trial depends on several factors. The more complex your case, the longer it can take. Defendants try to delay as long as possible because if you pass away before your trial, your family typically gets substantially less money than if you are alive. A good lawyer determines if any special rules apply in your case, helping your lawsuit move forward faster. This accelerated pace is often available for clients who are victims of mesothelioma due to asbestos exposure.

Choosing a Lawyer to Work With

How do I pick a lawyer?

The key to having a successful lawsuit is picking the right lawyer. You should use one who has experience with the type of case you are filing. Look for a firm that has received large verdicts and settlements in cases similar to yours. Then talk to the lawyers and ask questions. You want to pick someone who understands your situation and that you feel comfortable with. Weitz & Luxenberg has a Client Intake Center that can be reach 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (800) 476-6070, or by email at [email protected].

How can I afford to pay for a lawyer?

Weitz & Luxenberg is a personal injury firm. We work on a contingency basis. That means that unless you win, you don’t pay us anything. If you do win, we keep a portion of the money you receive from your lawsuit.

What happens after Weitz & Luxenberg takes my case?

We start with a process called “discovery.” Lawyers for both sides try to discover any evidence that exists and how it proves or disproves your claim. During this time period, you’ll need to answer a lot of questions about your injury, how it occurred, and what medical treatment you received. You’ll probably have a medical examination by an independent doctor. This provides an unbiased opinion of your medical condition.

Is there anything else I’ll have to do?

You’ll also probably give a deposition. This is testimony provided under oath that is recorded and used later in court. The defendant’s lawyer asks you questions. Then we ask the defendant questions. We’ll prepare you for the process and be right next to you when it’s going on, to make sure it is fair and legal. We’ll also be right by your side if the case doesn’t settle and goes to trial. Part of our job is preparing you for any legal step that has to be taken and making sure you have the information you need.

What happens after I contact you?

We first ask you a series of questions about your illness and injury to see if you qualify for a lawsuit we are handling. If you do, we send you a formal contract called a retainer. You sign it, and send it back. After we get and review your medical records, your W&L legal team guides you through what you need to do, step by step. In some litigations, for example if you have mesothelioma cancer, our lawyers come to your home to learn more about your individual situation. This often involves gathering evidence for your case.

What information do you need from me in order to get started?

To get started, we need to know the nature of your illness and some other basic facts. Once we determine if we can help you, you complete some paperwork so we can legally be your lawyer.

How Weitz & Luxenberg Can Help You

How does Weitz & Luxenberg approach a case?

The lawyers here believe that everyone who has been injured deserves the chance to receive compensation from the person or company that hurt them. Many large firms think that they can get away with taking advantage of you — they ignore the “little guys.” Weitz & Luxenberg was created in 1986. Perry Weitz and Arthur Luxenberg founded their firm on the belief that everyone in America deserves a chance to be heard. They approach each case as if it is their most important and do the best work they can for each client.

W&L doesn’t have an office nearby. Can I still hire you to represent me?

Yes. We can handle cases from all over the U.S. and Canada. We even have other international clients. We can even come to your home to help you through the process if we do not already have an office in your state.

In what areas of law does your firm practice?

Our lawyers have defended victims’ rights in many specific areas for decades. We have been litigating in the areas of mesothelioma since the beginning. Recently, we received the largest verdict in New York for this type of lawsuit — $190 million. We won on behalf of five men who were exposed to asbestos when they worked as plumbers, boilermakers and construction workers. We’ve also had a lot of success in helping veterans, especially those who served in the Navy, get compensated for their exposure.


Our firm has earned a reputation of excellence in mass tort litigation. We also have extensive experience in accidentinjurymedical malpracticeenvironmental pollutants and consumer protection lawsuits. Our drug and medical device litigation department handles cases dealing with faulty hip and knee replacements, as well as defective drugs and recalls. We also work with survivors of childhood sexual abuse and sex trafficking to help them find justice, by suing the organizations that allowed them to be harmed.

Why should I choose Weitz & Luxenberg to handle my case?

You should choose the W&L team because we have the legal expertise you need and we care about what happened to you. A good lawyer is someone who has successfully handled many similar lawsuits for innocent victims, just like you. Large corporations being sued are notorious for fighting back with everything they’ve got to avoid being found liable. You need a lawyer who has the experience and financial backing to go up against them and win.

How successful have you been with your cases?

Across our litigation areas, our clients have been awarded more than $17 billion in verdicts and settlements. We have filed lawsuits against more than 100 companies and helped more than 56,000 people. Weitz & Luxenberg has a 30 year track record of nationwide success.

Has Weitz & Luxenberg or its attorneys won any awards or been recognized for their efforts?

Yes, W&L is recognized by U.S. News & World Report – Best Lawyers as a National Tier 1 firm in 2020 “Mass Tort Litigation/Class Actions – Plaintiffs.” Dozens of our lawyers regularly rank in the Best Lawyers and Super Lawyer listings. The National Law Journal recognized W&L as one of the “Elite Trial Law Firms in the United States.”

How can I become a client of your firm?

It’s easy. Call our Client Intake Center at (800) 476-6070, email us at [email protected], or click on “Speak to an Attorney Now” to fill out our Free Case Evaluation form.

We Would Feel Privileged To Assist You

If you or a family member feel that they may have been affected by Mesothelioma, feel free to contact us, so that we can fight for you.