• phan alvarado mesothelioma and asbestos lawyer

    Phan Alvarado

    Associate Attorney
    "Many of my clients are or were steamfitters. So is my husband — he’s a steamfitter, too. Being married to one makes me that much more connected to the work I do on behalf of asbestos-exposure victims — and that much more passionate about seeing justice done for them. I know exactly how hard these guys work. I also know how enraging it is for them — after having spent decades toiling and building for their retirements — to now be fighting to stay alive instead of enjoying their sunset years doing the things they always dreamed about doing. It’s not fair at all that they’ve been robbed of their retirement dreams by toxic substances. I’m grateful for the opportunity to try and make things right for them. "


  • Benno Ashrafi mesothelioma and asbestos managing attorney

    Benno Ashrafi

    Managing Attorney
    "Weitz & Luxenberg Los Angeles is able to get great results for so many clients because, one, we have people with the right blend of credentials and backgrounds and, two, we enjoy national reach through our offices in New York, New Jersey and other locations, which cumulatively gives us leverage that’s hard to equal. As for me, personally, there aren’t too many jobs where you really get to help hard-working people who are so deserving. Asbestos cancer shatters people’s lives. I can’t make the injury or its consequences go away, but I can help give them back some of their lost dignity and stolen worth. "


  • Susan Barlow

    Associate Attorney
    "Our clients spent their lives working hard to take care of their families. Being forced to suffer from an asbestos-related cancer is a terrible price to pay for some corporation’s wrongdoing. Helping our clients and their families achieve some measure of justice and making these corporations face accountability is the most satisfying aspect of my work at Weitz & Luxenberg. "


  • Peter Beirne Mesothelioma attorney

    Peter Beirne

    Associate Attorney
    "Not in every field of law do you have clients who have suffered such a significant injury by no fault of their own. Helping those injured and their families through this time and assisting them in holding those responsible accountable for the injury is the most satisfying aspect of asbestos litigation. "


  • James Bilsborrow Environmental Pollution and Consumer Protection lawyer

    James Bilsborrow

    Associate Attorney
    "One of the most satisfying experiences I’ve had at Weitz & Luxenberg involved helping create a medical class-action settlement for victims of the BP oil spill cleanup. Their plight was deeply troubling to me because, without our involvement on their behalf, they stood to receive nothing in the way of compensation for chemical-based exposure injuries they had suffered. They likely would have been simply forgotten and neglected. Instead, they will now be entitled to receive preventive care and mental health treatment, in accordance with a protocol we secured for them. It’s a victory they and, really, all of the Gulf Coast deserved. What it shows when you get right down to it is that dedicated advocates like those you find here at Weitz & Luxenberg can make a difference on behalf of their clients. "


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