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Christopher Branyik

Christopher Branyik

Client Liaison

Focus: Mesothelioma and Asbestos

Phone: (212) 558-5500

Fax: (212) 344-5461

New York Office: 700 Broadway
New York, NY 10003

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  • B.S. in communications, Columbia College, Chicago, 1979.


Chris Branyik is a client liaison with Weitz & Luxenberg. A veteran with a decade’s experience communicating with clients and their families, Chris’ primary duty is to meet with a new client at the outset of his or her case to discuss concerns and goals.

Chris works principally with men and women who have been exposed to asbestos and need help with filing a lawsuit or receiving advice about their situation.

In a typical case, Chris will call to schedule an appointment with a new client. This meeting is an exchange of ideas and facts, with the new client explaining his or her case, and Chris explaining what Weitz & Luxenberg can do to help.

Chris will assist new clients in a variety of important areas. First, he will help the client research the sources of their asbestos exposure. Secondly, he will patiently explain the simple legal facts associated with the client’s case. Finally, Chris will share the details of Weitz and Luxenberg’s proud client track record and unique resources in legal services.

If, after working with Chris, the client is interested in working with Weitz & Luxenberg, Chris will work to match the new client with the attorney best suited to handle his or her case.

Chris represents Weitz & Luxenberg in the Western U.S., and is stationed in Chicago.

Chris has extensive experience working directly with clients and their families, having worked as a client liaison for 25 years in several different industries before joining Weitz & Luxenberg.

  • B.S. in communications, Columbia College, Chicago, 1979.

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