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Cherry Hill, New Jersey Law Firm

Weitz & Luxenberg’s Cherry Hill, New Jersey office gives us a strong presence in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, while playing an integral role in supporting W&L’s nationwide mission. Asbestos saw widespread use in factories, shipyards, and construction across the region, and Weitz & Luxenberg’s New Jersey office is well positioned to help the hard-working people exposed to it.

Cherry Hill

220 Lake Drive East
Suite 210
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
Phone: (856) 755-1115 Fax: (856) 755-1995

We Have Helped 55,000 people

As a nationally recognized personal injury law firm, our attorneys are dedicated to pursuing complex and large scale litigation on behalf of people — especially veterans — across the country.

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History of the Office

The Cherry Hill, New Jersey office of Weitz & Luxenberg was opened by attorney Jerry Kristal and an assistant in 1997. The office was needed because Weitz & Luxenberg was getting many new asbestos cases on behalf of New Jersey and Pennsylvania residents, as well as pharmaceutical product liability cases, that had to be litigated in the courts in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


Since 1997, the asbestos litigation has expanded greatly and generated excellent results for the clients, including millions of dollars in recovery. We now have cases on behalf of asbestos clients from across the country, including cases filed in Delaware. Our clients were exposed to asbestos while serving in the U.S. Navy; working on construction sites; making a living as carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and mechanics.


Our office now has more than 40 employees. In 2016, we moved to a larger suite in a modern office park to accommodate our growth. We are located about one mile from the Cherry Hill mall.

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What Weitz & Luxenberg Has Won for Clients

Managing Attorney Jerry Kristal leads a team of attorneys dedicated to seeking justice for people in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania region. Even while managing the New Jersey office, Mr. Kristal also supports the New York headquarters and is frequently at the center of some of Weitz & Luxenberg’s largest asbestos verdicts. Some he’s been personally involved in include:

$75 Million Verdict

The largest single asbestos verdict in N.Y. history. Our client was frequently exposed to asbestos dust while working as a mechanic. We proved that the asbestos dust that covered his clothes caused his wife to contract deadly cancer.

$35 Million Verdict

The estate of an asbestos removal worker. Removing asbestos insulation from boilers and valves caused our client to die from mesothelioma. He sued, and we won him the justice and compensation he deserved.

$25 Million Verdict

Workers were exposed to asbestos. The manufacturer knew about the risks, but failed to warn the workers. We convinced a jury that Crane Co. should pay for acting recklessly, causing our clients to suffer extensive pain and injury.

Cases Our New Jersey Office Handles

We have a dedicated office in New Jersey, where attorneys have quick access to our clients in South Jersey and nearby Philadelphia.

Asbestos & Mesothelioma

Our firm handles a number of different types of personal injury cases, but our New Jersey office focuses on just one – the harm caused by exposure to asbestos. Our attorneys fight for clients who suffered from mesothelioma or lung cancer. And we’ve had a lot of success.


When corporations failed to warn and exposed people to this deadly fiber, they should be made to pay compensation for the harm our clients have suffered. Even though the exposure occurred decades ago, our attorneys are skilled at tracking down the parties responsible and making them pay. We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients.

Other Litigations

Weitz & Luxenberg’s other locations also handle the following types of cases: Consumer ProtectionPersonal Injury & Medical MalpracticeDefective Drugs & Medical Devices, and Environmental Pollution. We also have several lawyers and litigation assistants handling a large case load of child sex abuse cases.


Discover firsthand accounts and testimonials that reflect the quality of our legal advocates and services and the satisfaction of people we have had the privilege to serve.

Why Choose Weitz & Luxenberg

Weitz & Luxenberg has built a national reputation for excellence in asbestos, medical-related, and personal injury litigation. Our New Jersey office brings that national expertise into focus for clients in the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Mid-Atlantic region.


In addition to more than 30 years of success attaining sometimes record-setting trial verdicts and maximizing settlements, Weitz & Luxenberg has shaped winning strategies for thousands of clients.

Quick Help

What sets Weitz & Luxenberg apart for clients in New Jersey and Pennsylvania?

Weitz & Luxenberg is one of the foremost asbestos and personal injury law firms in the country. We bring those resources that a national law firm with decades of success can provide while also providing personal attention to your particular case.

Are there particular kinds of litigation that the New Jersey office is known for?

We’re best known for asbestos-related litigation. Weitz & Luxenberg has been a leader in the field since the 1980s. New Jersey and Pennsylvania are in the heart of a region where shipyard workers, industrial workers, and other blue-collar workers faced asbestos exposure. Our Cherry Hill office is at the forefront of addressing their cases close to home.

Who are the people the New Jersey office can help?

We’re here to fight for working families and to level the playing field when they take on powerful defendants who may make a client feel powerless. Take asbestos cases, for example. People are often fighting for their lives by the time they’re diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease. Now, they may have to take on a legal fight as well. Weitz & Luxenberg is there to give those families the voice and support they need to take on a case, often at a time when they are at their most vulnerable.

What personal satisfaction do Weitz & Luxenberg attorneys get from the work they do for clients?

Weitz & Luxenberg genuinely cares about their clients. Attorneys see that every day, with every case. Our trial attorneys spare no expense to make sure clients have the resources they need to make their case. But beyond the case, there’s a very human element in what we do.


Many of our attorneys have spent decades getting to know asbestos clients, seeing what they go through. No matter how good a lawyer you are, it takes heart to understand what a client is going through personally – what the family is going through. Weitz & Luxenberg understands that. We feel for our clients. That’s why we fight for them.

Is there a time limit to file an asbestos case?

There is. Depending on the state, it’s usually two or three years from the date of diagnosis. It’s technically the day you knew or should have known you were sick. Usually, the date of diagnosis triggers the deadline; you have to act, you have to do something. You can’t sit on your rights and years and years later, decide to bring a lawsuit.

How long will my asbestos case take?

Usually a couple of years, from start to finish, and that’s for the courtroom part of the case. It may take longer, but may also take shorter. Two years is about right for most of the case to be done.

What is the cost?

Zero, unless we recover something. We work on a contingent fee basis; we earn a percentage of what we recover for you through either a verdict or a settlement. So, if we don’t recover anything, we don’t get paid. And if we have to spend money up front, as we typically do, to hire experts, file complaints and take depositions – then we pay for that up front and only recover that cost if we are successful.

If we lose, will I owe you money?

No. We’re the ones who take the risk. So, we choose carefully, we choose in an area where we know we have a good chance of winning. We take that risk, you don’t.

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