Personal information belonging to 10.5 million customers of western New York health insurer Excellus BlueCross Blue Shield was hacked, and now W&L is taking up the call to help put those harmed by the data breach in their rightful positions.

The hack was discovered in August, but occurred at the end of 2013. The hackers are feared to have made off with customer names and account numbers, home addresses, phone contact numbers, birthdates, Social Security numbers, and an array of personal financial data. 

In the wrong hands, this stolen information could result in potentially severe economic harm to these Excellus BlueCross Blue Shield members, warned Robin L. Greenwald, attorney in charge of W&L’s Environmental, Toxic Tort and Consumer Protection litigation unit.

“Excellus policy holders and beneficiaries may have legal rights to compensation if their hacked data are used by identity thieves to fraudulently obtain credit in the victims’ names,” Ms. Greenwald said.

Victims would also have a right to compensation if the data breach criminals made unauthorized credit purchases using the victims’ information or engaged in other fraudulent activity, added W&L’s James Bilsborrow, an attorney in the Environmental, Toxic Tort and Consumer Protection litigation unit.

Mr. Bilsborrow said W&L is currently meeting with victims of the Excellus BlueCross Blue Shield data breach to determine their rights to compensation.

By contacting W&L, Excellus BlueCross Blue Shield members can obtain a free-of-charge, no-risk evaluation of their legal rights and potential grounds for recovery.

Call (212) 558-5925 or complete an online form on this page to arrange for the free evaluation.

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