The safety of Remington 700-series rifles has again been called into question. Millions of rifles in this series have been sold over the decades.  They are popular with hunters, the military and people who work in law enforcement.

But the question that arises consistently is, “Are they safe?” More than 3 years ago, a major network news story explored the safety of these model rifles that were built before 2007.  And the answer they determined is “No, they are not.”

At issue is the functioning of the trigger system.  Created by Merle “Mike” Walker, the advantage of this trigger in the Remington rifles is that it is very smooth when firing.  The disadvantage appears to be that it sometimes fires accidentally.

Weitz & Luxenberg believes that there is a defectively designed trigger on the Remington 700-series rifles. Our attorneys are currently investigating claims for product liability. We are also exploring the accusation that Remington engaged in deceptive practices; they were aware the trigger has defects but chose not to do anything about it.

According to the network, there have been thousands of complaints from customers since the trigger was introduced more than half a century ago. The result has been numerous injuries, and in some cases, even death.

The problem is due to the sensitivity of the trigger. There is a trigger connector that is inside the firing mechanism.  It is mounted loosely.  It appears that a small piece of dirt or rust can make it become misaligned and disconnect from the rest of the trigger.  This can also occur due to the motion when another part of the rifle is being engaged, such as the safety lock.

Remington has been well aware of these complaints and has considered a recall several times. However, they have not issued one to date.

The network quoted Remington as defending the rifle series, stating, “The Model 700 is the most popular, reliable, accurate and trusted bolt-action rifle in the world, with over five million rifles produced and billions of rounds fired over nearly five decades.”

Although they did not issue a recall, Remington introduced a new trigger system for the 700 in 2007. However, the original trigger was still being used in some other models after that year.

“This is a critical safety issue, and as such cannot be ignored.  Even if you are trained in the safe use of firearms, you cannot compensate for a defective trigger. The results when a trigger discharges accidentally can be devastating,” emphasizes Curt Marshall, the attorney heading up the Weitz & Luxenberg team. He adds, “We believe that consumers are entitled to know that the products they purchase will function as intended, and as expected.”

Remington 700-series rifles liability is currently being investigated by Weitz & Luxenberg. For decades, the firm has championed consumers subjected to faulty products.

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