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Weitz & Luxenberg’s Los Angeles office has been assisting California residents since 2010. The top priority of this team is assisting victims of asbestos exposure.
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Our attorneys are experienced with both federal asbestos regulations and state statutes. We can provide you with the legal guidance you need to file an asbestos exposure lawsuit in California.

Asbestos Exposure and Mesothelioma in California

Between 1999 and 2013, more than 21,300 people in California died from asbestos-related diseases. Of these, nearly 4,000 deaths were due to mesothelioma. (1)

More than 1,500 people died from the asbestos-exposure disease asbestosis. In addition, nearly 16,000 people died from non-mesothelioma, asbestos-exposure lung cancer. (2)

Counties with the greatest number of deaths due to asbestos-related diseases were: (3)

  • Los Angeles — 3,970.
  • San Diego — 2,321.
  • Orange — 1,906.
  • Riverside —1,019.

California Asbestos Regulations

California has enacted a number of specific asbestos regulations. Our attorneys in California are experienced in these laws that govern how businesses and industries that use asbestos operate. (4)

In California, if you have been exposed to asbestos in shipyards, construction sites, manufacturing plants, or other high-risk fields,we are prepared to confront these companies. They will have highly experienced attorneys working for them, but we have made it our priority to know the asbestos regulations for California inside and out. (5)

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Every company in California is also expected to follow regulations regarding asbestos waste disposal. In California, some types of asbestos-containing materials are regulated as hazardous waste. (6)

Specifically, asbestos material that can be reduced to a dust or powder “under hand pressure when dry” is considered hazardous waste. If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you very likely breathed in asbestos dust or powder. (7)

Companies in California that failed to dispose of their asbestos-containing waste appropriately can be held responsible if you were exposed to their asbestos and developed an asbestos-related disease. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to arrange for asbestos-waste testing, if necessary. (8)

Asbestos Mining in California

Asbestos can be found in the serpentine rock throughout California. (9) In the late 1950s, asbestos mining in California became big business. Estimates suggest California miners hauled roughly 1.6 million tons of asbestos from 1960 to 2002. (10)

This means Californians were exposed to poisonous asbestos dust for more than 40 years. While executives of companies reaped big profits largely for their building and insulation materials, the working miners were subjected to extremely hazardous working environments. (11)

While the mines may be empty now, California residents are still paying the price of prolonged exposure to asbestos since mesothelioma and other asbestos exposure illnesses can take decades to develop. Sadly, many hard-working families are facing devastating asbestos-related diseases. (12)

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit in California

Even though California gives its residents the right to file a safety complaint about hazardous working conditions, you may not receive the response or attention you deserve. (13) We promise that if you call one of our California mesothelioma attorneys at Weitz & Luxenberg, we will pay attention to your situation.

We have made it our mission to pay attention to victims of asbestos exposure for more than 30 years. No one who has been injured by asbestos exposure should have to endure the consequences alone and unassisted.

If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma or another asbestos exposure disease in California, you have only one year from the date of that diagnosis to file a personal injury lawsuit. Depending on your specific circumstances, this statute of limitations could vary. Seeking the guidance of an experienced California mesothelioma attorney is advised. (14)

Chances are you will need to work with your attorney to file lawsuits against numerous defendants. You may have been exposed to asbestos in more than one location or to products made by more than one manufacturer. Each and every company that failed to safeguard your health with proper warnings and precautions could be held responsible for your pain and suffering.

Asbestos California Verdicts & Settlements

Attorneys in our California office have been winning cases for clients for more than a decade. Thousands of victims of asbestos exposure have received compensation in the millions of dollars by hiring our firm.

Some of our California verdicts and settlements include:

Experienced California W&L Attorneys

Our knowledgeable California asbestos lawyers work out of our office in Los Angeles, in Century City, roughly three miles from Westwood and the University of California — Los Angeles campus. Weitz & Luxenberg has offices nationwide, and we have been representing people harmed by asbestos exposure for more than 30 years.

We can provide you with comprehensive knowledge about asbestos and the industries that put people’s health at risk for asbestos-related diseases. If you are facing this type of situation, we encourage you to contact our California office. You will likely work with one of these experienced California mesothelioma attorneys:

Benno Ashrafi mesothelioma and asbestos managing attorney

Benno Ashrafi oversees the asbestos practice at Weitz & Luxenberg in California. He joined us in 2011 to help our Los Angeles office assemble a driven, client-focused team of personal-injury lawyers, each with his or…

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Alexandra Shef mesothelioma litigator

Alexandra Shef is very passionate about helping our clients obtain the justice they seek. So passionate is she about her work, in fact, that Super Lawyer magazine counts Ms. Shef among its Rising Star attorneys,…

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Josiah Parker asbestos attorney

Josiah Parker is an associate attorney in our California office and a member of the Asbestos Litigation group there. He joined the firm in 2011, coming highly recommended by Pepperdine University School of Law as…

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asbestos attorney tyler stock

Tyler Stock is an associate attorney in our Asbestos Litigation group and a specialist who understands how to advantageously use motions under the rules of California law and court precedent to crush defendants and protect…

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Our California Office’s Managing Attorneys Share Their Thoughts

Benno Ashrafi

Benno Ashrafi

Alexandra Shef

Alexandra Shef

Q: Why do you think California is a U.S. state that ranks high for mesothelioma & asbestosis deaths?

A: California has miles of coastline, which is where you can find shipyards. The shipbuilding industry is notorious for exposing people to asbestos. Everyone who builds, maintains, and repairs ships may have been exposed to asbestos.

Also, California has other industries that expose people to asbestos, such as oil refineries, construction work, and the auto industry. Even people who do not work in these industries may be exposed to asbestos if they repair their own cars or remodel their own homes.

Many of the individual products used in these fields contain asbestos, such as brake linings, boilers, fireproofing materials, and insulation. Anyone who is exposed to asbestos through any of the products containing it is at risk of developing an asbestos related illness.

California is also the most populated state in the nation with 40,000,000 people. With such a highly inhabited state and so many industries linked to asbestos products and manufacturing, it is not surprising the state ranks high in the number of asbestos exposure related deaths, such as asbestosis and mesothelioma.

Q: Is there a specific asbestos-related case from California that stands out to you?

A: Yes, actually, a very recent one. We just won a $25 million trial verdict on behalf of a client who developed testicular cancer.

Our client is a former Iranian oil refinery worker. He developed testicular mesothelioma after being exposed to asbestos at oil refineries and fields in Iran.

The jury awarded $14 million to our client for his past and future pain and suffering and $11 million to his wife of more than 50 years.

A jury in Los Angeles, California, found that the negligence of Fluor Enterprises, Middle East Fluor, and the National Iranian Oil Co. contributed to our client’s risk of developing mesothelioma as well as his ultimate diagnosis of testicular mesothelioma.

Our client worked in the Iranian Oil industry from roughly 1960 to 1979. Our client was regularly exposed to asbestos as a bystander.

He and his wife moved to Los Angeles in 1981. In 2017, he was diagnosed with testicular mesothelioma, a rare form of this cancer.

Q: Why is it so important that anyone diagnosed with mesothelioma hire an attorney who specializes in this cancer?

A: Most of our clients who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma are unaware of each and every moment of their asbestos exposure. They may have been exposed to asbestos throughout their lifetime. They may not realize how many products and places contain asbestos. The diagnosis is often shocking to them.

An attorney who specializes in handling asbestos and mesothelioma cases knows the history of asbestos use and manufacturing in the United States. We know the companies that manufactured the products.

We also know if the companies have changed hands, filed for bankruptcy, merged with another company, or changed their names. They’re trying to fly under the radar so they won’t be held accountable.

At Weitz & Luxenberg, we have been handling these cases for more than 30 years. We know who the responsible companies are.

We’ve been following them for decades, and we are prepared to call them out and hold them responsible for their conduct.They should have warned people about the dangers of asbestos exposure and safeguarded their health.

Asbestos litigation is complex. People diagnosed with mesothelioma or other asbestos-exposure-related illnesses really should seek out attorneys who specialize in this litigation.

Attorneys who are generalists do not have the knowledge and expertise needed to represent clients successfully. The companies who are defendants in these types of cases hire the best attorneys they can, and only attorneys specializing in asbestos litigation are prepared to win lawsuits against these defendants.

Q: Why should people living in California look to hire a California asbestos and mesothelioma attorney?

A: Having a presence in California matters. We have a real office. People can find us. We are right here and available 24/7.

Also, a California attorney specializing in asbestos litigation knows all of California’s specific laws and statutes regarding asbestos. These laws and statutes can vary from state to state.

Because our asbestos and mesothelioma attorneys know California laws regarding asbestos, we don’t ever need to refer cases out. When clients diagnosed with mesothelioma come to us for help, they don’t need to look any further.

We are prepared to handle their case personally, and all of our attorneys are fully prepared to offer the best representation possible. We also have a solid history of winning.

Hear From Our Clients

"I would highly recommend Weitz & Luxenberg to anyone who has mesothelioma. This is a law firm that goes above and beyond for their clients. They certainly did for us."

Sue Crawford

Asbestos Sites in California

The following California sites are recognized for processing, using, or otherwise exposing people to asbestos. Asbestos offenders include shipyards, power stations, refineries and manufacturing plants, chemical companies, hospitals, universities and colleges, and buildings. Shipyard


  • Alameda Naval Shipyard, Alameda.
  • Barrett & Hilp Belair Shipyard, San Francisco.
  • Bethlehem Steel Shipyard, Alameda, Monterey Park, San Francisco, San Pedro, Wilmington.
  • Campbell Industries Shipyard, San Diego.
  • Chicago Bridge & Iron Shipyard, Eureka.
  • Colberg Shipyard, Stockton.
  • Consolidated Steel, Wilmington Shipyard.
  • Craig Shipyard, Wilmington.
  • Fellows & Stewart Shipyard, Terminal Island, Wilmington.
  • Fulton Shipyard, Antioch.
  • Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, San Francisco.
  • Kaiser Shipyard, Richmond, San Pedro.
  • Long Beach Naval Shipyard.
  • Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Vallejo.
  • Marinship Shipyard, Sausalito.
  • Martinolich Shipyard, San Diego, San Francisco.
  • Mundet Cork Shipyard, Long Beach.
  • National Steel and Shipbuilding Shipyard, San Diego.
  • Naval Repair Shipyard, San Diego.
  • Oakland Shipyard, Oakland.
  • Pollock Shipyard, Stockton.
  • San Diego Shipyard, San Diego.
  • San Francisco Naval Shipyard.
  • San Francisco Shipyard & Drydock, San Francisco.
  • San Pedro Shipyard, San Pedro.
  • Stockton Shipyard, Stockton.
  • Terminal Island Naval Shipyard.
  • Todd Shipyards, Alameda, Los Angeles, Oakland.
  • Triple A Machine Shop, Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, San Francisco.
  • United States Naval Shipyard, San Diego.
  • Western Pipe and Steel Shipyard, San Francisco, San Pedro.
  • West Winds Shipyard, San Francisco.
  • Willamette Shipyard, Richmond.

Power station

Power Stations

  • AES Corporation – Redondo Beach Generating Station; Alamito Generation Station, Long Beach; Huntington Beach, Marysville.
  • California Electric Power Company – Coolwater Steam Station, Daggett.
  • City of Santa Clara – Gas Turbine Station, Santa Clara.
  • The Geysers Geothermal Power Station, Middletown.
  • Great Western Power Company of California – 20th Street Station, Loveland, Oakland, Pittsburg, San Francisco.
  • Los Angeles Department of Water & Power – Haynes Generating Station, Long Beach.
  • Los Angeles Department of Water & Power – Valley Generating Station, Sun Valley.
  • Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), Antioch, Avon, Button Willow, Delevan, East Potrero Hill, El Segundo, Eureka, Fresno, Geyers, Jastro, Kern County, Martinez, Marysville, Morro Bay, Oleum, Pittsburg, Redwood City, Vallejo.
  • Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), – Station C, Oakland; Kern Plant, Bakersfield; Station B, Sacramento; Hunters Point and Potrero, San Francisco; Moss Landing, Moss Landing.
  • Pacific Light and Power, Los Angeles, Redondo Beach, and Bakersfield.
  • Rancho Seco Nuclear Generating Station, Clay Station.
  • Reliant Mandalay Generating Station, Oxnard.
  • San Diego Gas & Electric – Silvergate Substation, San Diego.
  • Sierra and San Francisco Power Company – North Beach Station, San Francisco.
  • Southern California Edison – Alamitos Generating Station, Long Beach; Long Beach Station, Terminal Island; Redondo Station; Huntington Beach Generating Station; Ormond Beach Generating Station, Hueneme.
  • Southern California Edison, Compton, Daggett, El Segundo, Etiwanda, Loma Linda, Los Alamitos, San Bernardino, San Onofre.
  • U.S. Naval Station – Treasure Island Heating Plant, Treasure Island.



  • Arco Oil Refinery, Carson, Goleta, Wilmington.
  • Associated Oil Refinery, Avon.
  • Atlantic Richfield Co. – Watson Refinery, Carson.
  • Bankline Oil Refinery, Bakersfield.
  • California & Hawaiian Sugar Refinery, Crockett.
  • Champion Oil Refinery, Wilmington.
  • Chevron Oil Refinery, El Segundo, Richmond, San Francisco.
  • Dow Chemical Refinery, Los Angeles.
  • Exxon Refinery, Benicia.
  • Getty Oil Refinery, Bakersfield.
  • Golden Bear Refinery, Bakersfield.
  • Humble Oil Refinery, Benicia.
  • Mobil Oil Refinery, Torrance.
  • Phillips Avon Refinery, Martinez.
  • Revere Sugar Refinery, Crockett.
  • Sequoia Refinery, Rodeo.
  • Shell Chemical Refinery, Torrance.
  • Shell Oil Company – Wilmington Refinery, Carson; Martinez Refinery; Dominquez Refinery.
  • Standard Oil Company of California – El Segundo Refinery; Richmond Refinery; Martinez Refinery; Monterey Park Refinery.
  • Stauffer Chemical Refinery, Torrance.
  • Texaco Oil Refinery, Bakersfield, Torrance, Wilmington.
  • Tesoro Corp., Los Angeles Refinery, Wilmington.
  • Tesoro Golden Eagle Refinery, Martinez.
  • Tosco Oil Refinery, Martinez.
  • Union Oil Company of California – Santa Maria Refinery; San Francisco Refinery, Rodeo; San Pedro Refinery; Wilmington Refinery.
  • Western Sugar Refinery, San Francisco.


Manufacturing Sites

  • American Can, Oakland, Vernon.
  • American Pipe & Steel, Alhambra, Trona.
  • Ameron Company, Brea, Etiwanda.
  • Armco Steel, Torrance.
  • Anchor Hocking Glass Co., Holford, Los Angeles, Maywood.
  • Berman Steel, Watsonville.
  • Bethlehem Steel, Alameda, Maywood, Pinole, Richmond, San Francisco, Vernon.
  • Campbell Soup Company, Pescadero, Sacramento.
  • Certainteed, Richmond, Riverside, Santa Clara.
  • CF&I Steel, San Francisco.
  • Columbia Steel, Pittsburg, Torrance.
  • Consolidated Steel, Los Angeles, San Diego, Wilmington.
  • E.I. Dupont De Nemours, Antioch, Hercules, Pinole, Toluca.
  • Fiberboard, Antioch, Emeryville, Redwood City, San Francisco, South Gate, Stockton.
  • Firestone Tire & Rubber, Los Angeles, Salinas.
  • General Electric, Brawley, Oakland, Ontario, Pleasanton, San Jose.
  • General Motors, Fremont, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Leandro, San Pedro, Santa Fe Springs, Van Nuys.
  • Goodyear Tire and Rubber, Los Angeles, Pasadena, San Francisco, Torrance.
  • Jones & Laughlin Steel, Los Angeles.
  • Judson Steel, Emeryville.
  • Kaiser Steel, Fontana, Napa, Oakland, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, Richmond.
  • Latchford Glass, Los Angeles.
  • Libbey Owens Ford Glass, Lathrop.
  • Lockheed Martin, Burbank, Palmdale, Sunnyvale, Van Nuys.
  • Monarch Steel, Oakland.
  • National Steel and Shipbuilding, San Diego.
  • Owens Corning Fiberglas, Antioch, Chico, Fresno, Los Angeles, Manteca, Oakland, Richmond, San Bernardino, San Francisco, San Jose, San Leandro, Santa Clara, Stockton, Susanville, Weed.
  • Pacific States Steel, Niles, Union City.
  • Shell Oil, Brea, Carson, Coalinga Dominguez, Martinez, Mendota, Pittsburg, Santa Paula, Torrance, Wadstrom, Wilmington, Yorba Linda.
  • Southern California Iron & Steel, Los Angeles.
  • U.S. Steel, Pittsburg, San Francisco, Torrance, Vernon.
  • Vulcan Steel, Oakland.
  • Western Pipe & Steel, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Pedro.
  • Westinghouse Electric, San Diego, San Francisco, Sunnyvale.

Chemical plant

Chemical Companies

  • Air Products and Chemicals, Buena Park.
  • Allied Chemical, El Segundo, Lynwood, Richmond.
  • American Chemical, Long Beach.
  • American Potash & Chemical Corp., Trona.
  • AMSCO Chemical Company, Industry, La Mirada.
  • Anchor Mineral & Chemical, Lucerne Valley.
  • Ashland Chemical, Los Angeles.
  • Atlas Minerals & Chemicals, Avenal, Coalinga, San Francisco.
  • B.F. Goodrich Chemical Company, Long Beach.
  • Borden Chemical Company, Dominguez.
  • Brea Chemical, Brea.
  • California Chemical, Newark, Richmond.
  • Carad Chemical Corp., Palo Alto.
  • Carbide & Carbon Chemicals Company, Torrance.
  • Chevron Chemical Company , Richmond.
  • Collier Carbon and Chemical Company, Brea.
  • Consolidated Chemical Industries, Bayshore.
  • Crystal Chemical Company, Anaheim.
  • Dow Chemical Company, Torrance.
  • Filtrol Chemical, Los Angeles.
  • FMC Corporation, Inorganic Chemicals Div., Newark.
  • Foremost Chemical, Oakland.
  • General Chemical Company, Port Chicago, Richmond.
  • Great Western Electric Chemical, Pittsburg.
  • I.M.C. Chemical Company, Trona.
  • International Minerals & Chemical Corp., San Jose.
  • Jefferson Chemical Company, Alhambra.
  • Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp. , Oakland.
  • Kerr-McGee Chemical, Los Angeles, Trona.
  • Lacquer Chemical, Inc., Stege.
  • Merck Chemical, San Francisco.
  • Mobil Chemical Company, Bakersfield.
  • Monsanto Chemical Company, Avon, Long Beach, Martinez, Monterey Park.
  • National Starch &Chemical, Berkeley.
  • Naugatuck Chemical, Los Angeles.
  • New Idria Mining and Chemical, Idria.
  • Nichols Chemical Company, El Segundo.
  • Occidental Chemical Corp., Lathrop.
  • Paul Chemical Company, Buena Park.
  • Penn Chemical, Valley Springs.
  • Reichhold Chemicals, Azusa.
  • Shell Chemical Company, Dominguez, Los Angeles, Martinez, Pittsburgh, St. Helena, Torrance, Ventura, Wilmington.
  • Simcal Chemical Company, El Centro, Helm.
  • Southern California Chemical, Los Angeles.
  • Stauffer Chemical Co., Dominguez, Richmond, San Francisco, South Gate, Stege, Vernon, Watson, West Berkley, West End.
  • Stepan Chemical, Anaheim.
  • Tenneco Chemical Company, Pasadena.
  • United Chemical Company, Corona.
  • United States Borax and Chemicals, Boron.
  • Western Chemical and Manufacturing, Los Angeles.
  • Westvaco Chemical, Newark.
  • Witfield Chemical Company, Watson.



  • Alameda Hospital.
  • Alta Bates Hospital, Oakland.
  • Angelus Hospital, Los Angeles.
  • Atascadero State Hospital.
  • Bay Harbor Hospital, Harbor City.
  • Brookside Hospital, Richmond.
  • Camarillo State Hospital.
  • Cedars of Lebanon Hospital, Los Angeles.
  • Convalescent Hospital, Redwood City.
  • Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital, Inglewood.
  • East L.A. County Hospital, Los Angeles.
  • El Camino Hospital, Mountain View.
  • Encino Hospital.
  • Enloe Hospital, Sacramento.
  • Fairview State Hospital, Costa Mesa.
  • Franklin Hospital, San Francisco.
  • Fresno County General Hospital.
  • Garfield Hospital, Monterey Park.
  • German Hospital, San Francisco.
  • Glendale Sanitarium and Hospital, Glendale.
  • Good Samaritan Hospital, Los Angeles.
  • Grossmont District Hospital, Newport Beach, San Diego.
  • Grossmont Hospital, La Mesa.
  • Highland Hospital, Oakland.
  • Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital, Los Angeles.
  • Huntington Hospital, Pasadena.
  • Ingleside Hospital, Rosemead.
  • Kaiser Hospital, Harbor City, Long Beach, San Bernardino, San Francisco, Walnut Creek.
  • Kern General Hospital, Bakersfield.
  • LA Children’s Hospital.
  • Laguna Honda Hospital, San Francisco.
  • Leland Stanford Jr. University Hospital, San Francisco.
  • Letterman General Hospital, San Francisco.
  • Long Beach General Hospital.
  • Long Beach Memorial Hospital.
  • Long Beach VA Hospital.
  • Los Angeles County General Hospital.
  • Los Angeles Infirmary Sisters’ Hospital.
  • Mary’s Help Hospital, San Francisco.
  • Mendocino State Hospital, Talmage.
  • Mercy General Hospital, Sacramento.
  • Merrithew Memorial Hospital, Martinez.
  • Merritt Hospital, Oakland.
  • Mount Diablo Hospital, Concord.
  • Mount Zion Hospital, San Francisco.
  • Napa State Hospital, Imola.
  • Norwalk State Hospital, Norwalk.
  • Oak Knoll Naval Hospital, Oakland.
  • Olive View Hospital.
  • Orange County General Hospital.
  • Pacific Hospital, Long Beach.
  • Patton State Hospital.
  • Peninsula Hospital, Burlingame.
  • Porterville State Hospital, Porterville.
  • Providence Hospital, Oakland.
  • Queens of the Valley Hospital, West Covina.
  • Rancho Los Amigos Hospital, Downey.
  • Riverside Community Hospital.
  • Sacramento County Hospital.
  • Sacred Heart Hospital, Hanford.
  • Saddleback Community Hospital, Laguna Hills.
  • Saint. Francis Hospital, San Francisco.
  • Saint. John’s Hospital, Santa Monica.
  • Saint. Joseph’s Hospital, Burbank, Orange, Stockton.
  • St. Jude Hospital, Fullerton.
  • St. Mary’s Hospital, San Francisco.
  • St. Vincent’s Hospital, Los Angeles.
  • San Bernardino County Hospital.
  • San Diego Hospital.
  • San Francisco General Hospital.
  • San Francisco Hospital.
  • San Joaquin County Hospital, Stockton.
  • San Pedro Peninsula Hospital.
  • Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.
  • Santa Monica Hospital.
  • Sepulveda Veterans Hospital.
  • Sharp Memorial Hospital, San Diego.
  • Sonoma State Hospital, Eldridge.
  • Sonoma State Hospital, Glen Ellen.
  • Southern California State Hospital, Patton.
  • Stanford University Hospital, San Francisco.
  • Stanislaus Hospital, Sacramento.
  • Stockton State Hospital.
  • Studebaker Hospital, Norwalk.
  • Sutter Memorial Hospital, Swanston.
  • Tuolumne County Hospital, Sonora.
  • UCLA Hospital, Los Angeles.
  • United States General Hospital, Presidio.
  • United States Naval Hospital, Camp Pendleton.
  • United States Veterans Administration Hospital, Fort Miley, San Francisco.
  • University of California Hospital, San Francisco.
  • University of Southern California Hospital, Los Angeles.
  • VA Hospital, San Fernando Valley, Westwood.
  • VA Wadsworth Hospital Center, Paramount.
  • Valley Memorial Hospital, Livermore.
  • Ventura County Hospital.
  • Veterans Administration Hospital, Los Angeles, San Fernando.
  • White Memorial Hospital, Los Angeles.
  • Woman’s State Hospital, San Francisco.

University building


  • Berkeley City College, Oakland.
  • California State College, Carson.
  • California State Polytechnic College, San Luis Obispo.
  • California State University – Chico, Swanston.
  • California State University – Dominguez Hills, Carson.
  • California State University – East Bay, Hayward.
  • California State University – Fresno
  • California State University – Long Beach.
  • California State University – Los Angeles.
  • California State University – Northridge.
  • California State University – Sacramento.
  • California State University – San Luis Obispo.
  • Citrus College, Glendora.
  • College of Marin, Larkspur.
  • Contra Costa Junior College, San Pablo.
  • De Anza College, San Francisco.
  • El Camino College, Hawthorne.
  • Hayward State College.
  • Hebrew Union College, Los Angeles.
  • Long Beach State College.
  • Los Angeles City College.
  • Los Angeles State College, Northridge.
  • Los Angeles Valley Junior College, North Hollywood.
  • Mills College, Oakland.
  • Modesto Junior College.
  • Moorpark College, Moorpark.
  • Orange Coast College , Costa Mesa.
  • Paramount Men’s College.
  • Saint Mary’s College, Moraga.
  • San Diego State College.
  • San Fernando Valley State College, Northridge.
  • San Jose State University.
  • Santa Barbara University.
  • Stanford University.
  • Stanislaus State College, Turlock.
  • State College, Rohnert Park.
  • University of California – Berkeley.
  • University of California – Davis.
  • University of California – Irvine.
  • University of California – Los Angeles.
  • University of California – Riverside.
  • University of California – San Diego.
  • University of California – San Francisco.
  • University of California – Santa Barbara.
  • University of California – Santa Cruz.
  • University of San Francisco.



  • Adams Equipment Building, Vernon.
  • Alaska Commercial Building, San Francisco.
  • Alcoa Building, San Francisco.
  • APL Building, San Francisco.
  • Atomic International Building, San Fernando Valley.
  • Blue Anchor Building, Sacramento.
  • Bradbury Building, Los Angeles.
  • Chronicle Building, San Francisco.
  • Citibank Building, Los Angeles.
  • City of Glendale Public Service Building, Glendale.
  • Claus Spreckels Building, San Francisco.
  • Conservative Life Insurance Company Building, Los Angeles.
  • Contra Costa County Administration Building, Martinez.
  • County Building, Pasadena.
  • County Courthouse & Administration Building, Stockton.
  • Del Monte Building, Sunnyvale.
  • Emporium Building, San Francisco.
  • E.P. Clark Building, Los Angeles.
  • Equitable Insurance Building, San Francisco.
  • Examiner Building, San Francisco.
  • Federal Building, Q and Truxtun, Bakersfield.
  • Federal Building, Sacramento.
  • Federal Reserve Bank Building, San Francisco.
  • First Federal Building, Los Angeles.
  • Fox Plaza Office & Apartment Building, San Francisco.
  • Hellman Building, Los Angeles.
  • Higgins Building, Los Angeles.
  • Hills Brothers Coffee Building, San Francisco.
  • Hobart Estate Building, San Francisco.
  • House of Providence, Mills Building, San Francisco.
  • Kaiser Building, Oakland.
  • Kaiser Office Building, Pleasanton.
  • Levi Strauss Building , San Francisco.
  • Mahoney Brothers Head Building, San Francisco.
  • Mary Andrews Clark Memorial Building, Los Angeles.
  • Merchant’s Exchange Building, San Francisco.
  • Merchants National Bank Building, Los Angeles.
  • Mills Building, San Francisco.
  • Pacific Gas & Electric Headquarters Building, San Francisco.
  • Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company Building, San Francisco.
  • Rialto Building, San Francisco.
  • Royal Insurance Building, San Francisco.
  • Russ Building, San Francisco.
  • San Francisco Telephone Building, San Francisco.
  • Tishman Building, Westwood.
  • Transamerica Building, Los Angeles.
  • Transamerica Building, San Francisco.
  • Valley Medical Building, Van Nuys.
  • YMCA Building, Oakland.

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