Mesothelioma Litigation

Mesothelioma litigation is a powerful legal option for workers who have been diagnosed with or family members of those who have died of this aggressive asbestos-related cancer, caused by companies who chose corporate profits over the health and, very often, lives of their workers and of the end-users of their asbestos-containing products. Our law firm is a nationally-recognized leader in mesothelioma litigation who offers free legal advice to victims of mesothelioma.>

Mesothelioma Litigation Seeks Truth and Justice

No asbestos company is more infamous for causing asbestos-related deaths than the Manville Corporation, formerly the Johns-Manville Corporation. Once described by a South Carolina attorney as “the greatest corporate mass murderer in history,” court litigation records showed that the once powerful Manville had a long history of hiding evidence on the ill effects of working with its asbestos-tainted products.

More than 16,000 Manville workers diagnosed with asbestos-related diseases, such as mesothelioma, lung cancer, or asbestosis, chose litigation and won substantial compensation awards. Most significant financial recoveries have been achieved as a result of mesothelioma litigation, in particular.

How Mesothelioma Litigation Can Help You

If you were unaware of the dangers of working with asbestos-containing materials, and have consequentially been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you may have felt angry once you learnt that the disease was completely preventable if only you were told of the risk you were in working with asbestos. You may also be concerned about your family’s financial future, as mesothelioma treatment and medical care is prohibitively expensive.

The best way to seek justice, while protecting your family’s future well-being, is to initiate mesothelioma litigation with the help of experienced asbestos attorneys at Weitz & Luxenberg, P.C.

Work with a National Leader in Mesothelioma Litigation

The New York City-based law firm of Weitz & Luxenberg has been practicing mass tort law longer than any other firm in New York, bursting to the forefront of mesothelioma litigation in the 1980s, when the firm participated in an historic consolidated trial on behalf of workers formerly employed at the asbestos-plagued Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Mesothelioma lawyers at Weitz & Luxenberg represented 36 Brooklyn Navy Yard workers in that case and secured verdicts totaling a record $75 million.

Since then, the firm’s Asbestos Litigation Unit has used its expertise to obtain hundreds of millions of dollars more in verdicts and settlements against powerful defendant companies, which were responsible for the illnesses and the deaths of workers harmed by the ravages of occupational asbestos exposure.

Numbers Speak Louder than Words

Weitz & Luxenberg sets records all the time. In 2010, the firm’s mesothelioma lawyers obtained the first verdict ever against an asbestos dental tape supply company: A $16-million jury verdict on behalf of a 71-year-old client diagnosed with mesothelioma. He developed the cancer from dental supply items that years ago contained asbestos.

In 2007, the firm secured a $37-million verdict for two clients with asbestos-related lung cancer who had been exposed to asbestos insulation products manufactured by the defendant company. The firm’s asbestos attorneys secured this record verdict despite the fact that both clients were smokers.

In a 2003 case, the jury awarded a 53-year-old Pennsylvania boilerman $47 million for medical expenses, pain and suffering after finding that work he had performed for Consolidated Edison and the Long Island Lighting Company exposed him to industrial asbestos materials. The five-week trial ended with the record multimillion-dollar verdict by a jury that found the electrical companies had not provided their employee with a safe working environment.

In 2002, in one of the largest compensatory verdicts for a single plaintiff in the history of mesothelioma litigation, a New York jury on Feb. 8 awarded a victim and his family a $53 million verdict for his mesothelioma-causing asbestos exposure as a brake mechanic.

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