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Corporations don’t care about you. Sure, they may emphasize how important you are as part of a sales pitch or national marketing campaign. Or claim that their product was created specifically to make your life easier. Or even claim to be a part of your family, and vice versa. Simply put, they need you to buy so they’re willing to lie. And when that product hurts you or your family, you’re faced with painful moments and impossible choices. All too often, these corporations try to cover up their responsibility by intimidating, abusing, and silencing you, because they can. They’re bullies. I’m here to give you a voice and right the wrongs that you’ve endured.

Aaron Freedman joined our Weitz & Luxenberg team of dedicated attorneys in the Environmental, Toxic Torts, and Consumer Protection practice group. For years, he has noticed an ever-increasing consolidation of wealth and power in this country. That disparity and injustice have been a tremendous driving force in his decision to work for a plaintiff’s law firm recognized for the quality of their legal skills.

“I feel very fortunate to work at Weitz & Luxenberg,” Mr. Freedman says. “I want to help level the playing field for the hard-working men and women who built this country. It is important to right the wrongs that have been done to them.”

Making a Huge Legal Impact

“Every day, Weitz & Luxenberg’s team of litigators takes on corporations for perpetrating some of the most horrific, far-reaching violations of our country’s laws and our personal dignity,” Mr. Freedman insists.

“Our firm’s attorneys have the ability and resources to represent people across the country. We do this on matters big and small, and secure the payback they so clearly deserve,” he states.

It’s All About the Team Effort

Since joining W&L in the fall of 2022, Mr. Freedman has worked on a number of our legal efforts. These include serving as part of the trial team fighting Monsanto over its deadly Roundup weed killer. W&L was the first firm to file a lawsuit claiming exposure to Roundup was causing Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and has secured billions of dollars for our clients.

And Mr. Freedman continues the legal fight today, “It’s refreshing to work for a firm that puts their money where their mouth is. W&L attorneys consistently go that extra mile to make sure these corporations can’t ignore our clients any longer.”

He also serves as second chair to a member of the Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee for the East Palestine Ohio train derailment multidistrict litigation.

In our consumer protection litigation area, he focuses on our social media addiction case against internet giants. Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube continue to harm and endanger the mental health of teens across the nation.

Helping Individual People

“The work we do helps tens of thousands of people every day,” points out Mr. Freedman. “We are only able to affect that type of change by making a concerted effort to know each individual client on a personal level. Only then can we truly understand the pain and suffering that they have experienced, and how to best advocate on their behalf.”

Living for the Legal Challenge

“At Weitz & Luxenberg, our team is driven by that “impossible” case — the case too large or too complex for other firms to handle. That’s what makes us show up day in and day out, ready to battle,” Mr. Freedman continues.

“The more difficult the challenge, the more fired up I get,” Mr. Freedman emphasizes. “A lot of my colleagues share the same mindset. It’s exciting to take on corporate giants and achieve justice for victims who felt they didn’t have a voice or were otherwise disenfranchised by our legal system.”

Experience Working with the Law

Before joining W&L, Mr. Freedman worked with several other legal organizations. At one, he worked as a law clerk handling New York State Workers’ Compensation, asbestos related divisive mergers, and pharmaceutical drug liability litigations.

Mr. Freedman also served as a legal intern in the Tort Litigation Unit for the Philadelphia Law Department in Philadelphia. While there, he represented the city in many arbitrations.

Mr. Freedman was also an independent contractor for The American Law Institute. He conducted research and drafted comments based on the Hague Securities Convention, trends in contractual choice-of-law provisions, and the calculation of competing state interests under section 187.

During his judicial internship — in the Chambers of the Honorable Anne Lazarus for the Superior Court of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia — he drafted memoranda regarding venue, sufficiency of evidence, vicarious liability, and multiple aspects of criminal law.

On the Personal Side

Mr. Freedman passed the bar in New York. He earned his J.D. from Temple University’s James E. Beasley School of Law in Philadelphia. He is currently an adjunct professor in trial advocacy there. His B.A. is in policy studies, earned from Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania.

His greatest passions are participating in and coaching mock trials, and watching stand-up comedy. He also enjoys playing the violin, racing go-carts, playing tennis, and watching Penn State football.

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