Ambre Brandis

Associate Attorney

The most satisfying aspect of my work as an asbestos attorney is helping families. For the most part, these families are blue collar. I come from a blue-collar family — my father, grandfathers, uncles, and cousins, all of them had blue-collar jobs. I know that these men work extremely hard to support their families. It distresses me that the manufacturers of the products, equipment and materials didn’t take the time to warn these men of the dangers of asbestos. I understand that filing a lawsuit can be a stressful experience and I do my best to make sure my clients feel as comfortable as possible. I treat every client the way I would want my dad or grandfather to be treated.

Ambre Brandis serves as an associate attorney in the Weitz & Luxenberg Asbestos Litigation group, a position she has held since being welcomed to the firm in 2007. In addition to her role at Weitz & Luxenberg, Ms. Brandis (through the auspices of local nonprofit organizations) also performs pro-bono legal work on behalf of indigent elderly who need help with estate planning and on behalf of cancer patients who require help with issues involving their employers. Prior to starting at Weitz & Luxenberg, Ms. Brandis was a legal and regulatory consultant for several global banks, drawing in part on skills acquired as a compliance officer for RBC and, earlier, as a compliance analyst for the investment brokerage firm Bear Stearns.

Ms. Brandis began the practice of law in 2006 upon admission to the bar of the State of New York. That same year she received a juris doctor degree from the University of New Hampshire (formerly Pierce) School of Law. Ms. Brandis worked her way through law school (and through college and graduate school) at a Pennsylvania law firm that handled cases involving asbestos exposure. Ms. Brandis obtained a master’s degree in writing from Rowan University (2005) and a bachelor’s degree, magna cum laude, in psychology from Rutgers University (2001).

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