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I love being a part of the Weitz & Luxenberg team. I am so lucky to work with such incredible, empathetic, and dedicated people. They never back down from a fight and advocate tirelessly to give our clients a voice. They are willing and fully prepared to go up against massive corporations and industries that have put profit first, not taking into consideration the cost to the environment and the people they harm. We will hold these companies accountable and get justice for our clients.

Callie M. Sharp joins our team of experienced, dedicated Environmental, Toxic Torts, and Consumer Protection litigators. Ms. Sharp has been drawn to this legal area since she took an environmental science class in high school. She is especially interested in the environment as it relates to our quality of life.

“The very air we breathe and water we need to survive depends on our taking care of the environment around us,” Ms. Sharp says. “My home community was directly affected by toxic chemicals when I was younger. Luckily, that community was taken seriously when they insisted on making things right, and the problem was fixed.”

Ms. Sharp continues, “Not everyone is so lucky. That played a big part in my getting involved in environmental justice. It shouldn’t only be certain people or communities who get to live in a safe environment — the people with money or political power. Everyone — no matter how much they make, where they live, or what their race is — should be able to rely on safe drinking water. No one should be subjected to hazardous pollutants in the air around them. No one should be exposed to toxic substances.”

Ms. Sharp is part of our ongoing legal effort to help clients harmed by the toxic weed killer, Roundup®. It contains glyphosate, a cancer-causing substance. Over 100,000 Americans have developed cancer after being exposed to glyphosate.

Making Sure Our Clients Are Heard

“The way I see it, my job is not to speak for our clients but to be the megaphone they can depend on to make their voices louder. To make sure they are heard.

“Not only to help them in their daily lives, but to bring attention to mass polluters and companies that make people and our environment sick. Those companies need to be held accountable,” Ms. Sharp emphasizes.

My Passion Is People

“I love science and doing what I can to help the environment, but my real passion is people. Pursuing environmental law and consumer protection is a great way to combine my interests, passions, and experience. I want to be part of a larger change helping both the environment and people. I believe everyone has the right to live a life free from health hazards created by the negligence and greed of those with more power, particularly large corporations,” Ms. Sharp adds.

“My science background is an asset to the firm. The knowledge and experiences I’ve gained help me communicate more effectively with scientific experts involved in our cases. The information these experts provide is highly technical and complex. I can convey that scientific evidence to my colleagues, our clients, and those within the justice system in a way that is easier to understand,” Ms. Sharp explains.

Experience with Environmental Law

Ms. Sharp has interned and clerked for a variety of governmental and nonprofit organizations. She dedicates herself to advocating for environmental justice and public health in the face of widespread pollution and toxic materials.

Her experience includes combatting issues of environmental racism with the Washington University Interdisciplinary Environmental Clinic and assisting in efforts involving municipal land use policies and toxic chemical release for Earthjustice. At the Great Rivers Environmental Law Center, she conducted research regarding potential claims against dangerous landfill operations.

While at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Regional Counsel, Region 5, she researched issues in environmental crimes, tribal law, CERCLA, RCRA, the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, and EPCRA. At another government agency, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory, she assisted in research projects surrounding permafrost region soil carbon and switchgrass crops used for biofuel.

On the Personal Side

Ms. Sharp passed the bar in Illinois and New York. She earned her J.D. from Washington University School of Law in St. Louis, Missouri. Her B.A. is in Environmental and Ocean Sciences and from the University of San Diego in California.

Since moving to Brooklyn, she enjoys exploring the New York area and all the city has to offer. Outside the office, she loves swimming, playing volleyball, and having game nights with her friends.

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