Mark Weitz

OF Counsel

I have always loved doing plaintiffs’ work. For more than 35 years, I have dedicated myself to giving a voice to the underdog and fighting on behalf of the common man. Protecting everyday people and their rights is what drives me. It is a privilege to be part of Weitz & Luxenberg’s efforts to bring about justice and a fair resolution for our clients, people whose voices might not otherwise be heard.

Mr. Weitz has made the area of pretrial investigatory research his primary focus for the past 6½ years. This type of work has become his passion. He works on one case at a time, devoting his full attention to that litigation.

During the course of his career, Mr. Weitz has worked for a variety of law firms. As a document review attorney, he has examined multiple documents, including memos, letters, emails, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, and e-documents.

Reviewing these types of materials requires extensive knowledge of document review workflows, such as privilege/responsiveness review, redactions, and conceptual searching. He has summarized, tab highlighted, charted, and collected certain documents — or information gleaned from the documents — as well as created redaction logs.

According to Mr. Weitz, both his legal background and bachelor’s degree in business administration, with a minor in economics, have allowed him to combine his passions. In recent positions as a document review attorney, he reviewed U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission antitrust documents in the investigations of Qualcomm as well as the General Motors switch recall. In addition, he has reviewed multi-tiered complex financial transactions.

At one point, Mr. Weitz spent time working for a law firm specializing in class action settlement and bankruptcy administration. He supervised the legal/compliance team for the Gulf Coast Claims facility. Mr. Weitz was responsible for identifying potential governmental compliance risks, as well as monitoring, assessing, and advising on the evolving state of environmental laws and regulations.

In 1984, Mr. Weitz received his juris doctor degree from Brooklyn Law School in Brooklyn, New York. He received a bachelor’s degree in 1981 from George Washington University in Washington, D.C. While there, he majored in business administration, with a minor in economics.

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