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GM Ignition Switch Recall Lawsuits: Jury Selection Begins

GM Car Recall

Nearly two years ago, General Motors (GM) disclosed a secret to government regulators: millions of vehicles it manufactured during the past decade contained a defective ignition switch. These defective switches were incapable of holding the ignition key in place during normal vehicle operation. If the vehicle drove across bumpy terrain or if too many other…

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Toxic Driveways: Cancer Risk from PAH in Coal Tar Sealant

Driveway Sealant Breaks Down; Toxic Dust Gets Into Homes

Thinking of resealing your driveway this summer? You might want to think twice before using a driveway sealcoat made with coal tar. Otherwise, your driveway may end up making you and your family sick. Every year, millions of homeowners apply a new sealcoat to cracked and deteriorating driveways. The most common of these pavement sealant…

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