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Welcome to the Weitz & Luxenberg Consumer Protection Blog

April 1, 2015
Home Blog Welcome to the Weitz & Luxenberg Consumer Protection Blog

Welcome to the Weitz & Luxenberg Consumer Protection Blog, hosted by the Weitz & Luxenberg Environmental, Toxic Tort, and Consumer Protection Unit. We litigate environmental torts, mass torts and consumer protection class actions, and we use the courts to curb corporate abuses that cause real harm to everyday people. In this forum, we will share our perspective on law and policy, and shine a light on corporate wrongdoing.

We hope that you will return regularly to join this conversation. Some days we will focus on the fight against polluters or those whose practices expose the unwitting to dangerous chemicals. We will discuss current and past litigation — our efforts, for example: to hold polluters like Exxon and Chevron responsible for treatment costs borne by municipal water providers when their chemicals contaminate the groundwater used by water providers for drinking water; to hold British Petroleum responsible for the disastrous environmental and economic effects of the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico; to seek damages to human health and property from contaminated groundwater and vapor intrusion into homes in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey, caused by decades of DuPont’s pollution at its Pompton Lakes explosives plant; to compel Monsanto to remove toxic PCBs from our children’s schools; and to seek compensation for the Long Island water provider Bethpage Water District for remediation costs associated with the harmful toxins dumped by Northrop Grumman in the 1990s that currently contaminates the Bethpage drinking water.

Other days we will turn our attention to corporate practices that harm consumers — false advertising, concealment of dangerous product defects, and failure to safeguard important customer information from internet hackers. Whether we are battling car manufacturers such as General Motors for its failure to warn customers of a dangerous ignition switch defect, or suing insurance companies such as Anthem Blue Cross for its failure to safely store consumer data, Weitz & Luxenberg is on the front lines of consumer law. We hope to share our perspective with you.

Thank you for joining us and we invite you to return regularly. This is but the first of an ongoing conversation.

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