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Nina Young’s Story

I chose Weitz & Luxenberg because the firm has a reputation for working really hard. I went with them because I didn’t want just anybody representing me. I felt that, if I was going to sue, I wanted a firm that had a lot of experience and a…

Grace M.’s Story

I have recommended W&L to many people since 2010! I lost my husband of 54 years to mesothelioma in 2010. Nothing, no amount of money, can make up for that loss. However, W&L has been aggressive to help me, and has worked diligently and steadily to help ease my pain. I cry every time I receive a check, but I’m grateful to W&L.

Richard O.’s Story

With all the loss of my quality of life, due to my problems from asbestos, the awards from your efforts make life so much better. And it’s providing a nest egg for my wife after I’ll be gone. Thank you.

Rosemary C.’s Story

In reference to the recent settlement of my husband’s asbestos case, which my family and I were more than pleased, I want to say a VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to all the staff who worked on his case. You all did a great job and you made a very stressful and emotional situation bearable and for that I am truly grateful.

Bob’s Story

Thank you and whoever has anything to do on any of my claims. I appreciate your efforts.&nbsp.

Cathy P.’s Story

I want to thank you for the care and understanding you have shown to us during the very difficult past two years. You presented the case and facts in such a way that assured John’s dignity and integrity. Your skill and expertise has brought the lawsuit to a very successful conclusion.

Cyndy P.’s Story

Please thank everyone that worked on my husband’s case for everything. It does not bring Bob back, but it is somewhat of a comfort to know he was watching over us to make sure Nick and I will be financially OK.

Emma B.’s Story

I would like to thank the law firm of W&Land their whole staff for the excellent work you all did with the Baycol settlement. May the year… bring all of you good health and happiness and all the years to come.

B.R.’s Story

Professional. Sensitive. W&L’s Allan Zelikovic personified both. He managed to successfully guide our bereaved family through its trauma.

Joseph M.’s Story

Kind, compassionate, understanding – made me feel completely at ease. Thank you.

John M.’s Story

I’m happy that you’re still after the people that made a lot of us sick.

S.’s Story

Your awareness of victims’ problems is greatly appreciated. We recommend your legal expertise to many victims who are not acknowledged. Thank you.

Barbara W.’s Story

I am thankful and appreciative of how well W&L handled our case, and smoothly, too.  Their expertise, help and guidance through it all, also, was outstanding. Thank you.

Rosemary P.’s Story

My husband passed away from asbestos. He felt that he would not qualify for any money because half of his illness probably started in Europe. Thanks to W&L’s research, he was able to receive rewards and died happy because he knew I would be taken care of. Thank you.

Frank C.’s Story

Some say “Why do we need lawyers?” The answer is obvious – without professional representation i.e., lawyers getting to the truth and seeking restitutions, I would have nowhere to go. Thank you for your professional services. Keep up the good work.

Anthony R.’s Story

You have been great – only a phone call away. Your staff took care of everything. We could not ask for any more. Bless you for being there for us.

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W.P.’s Story

I write to thank you and all of your lawyers and staff for achieving a substantial settlement recently. There were complicated issues of liability……

Ramon M.’s Story

My children and I would like to thank you for helping and guiding us during our time of need. For fighting for justice for my wife. Allowing us to grieve and without worrying about the details of the case. We really appreciate your legal services, and would like to give a special thanks to Allan Zelikovic and his assistant Antoinette Waite for going out of your way and taking time to come visit my kids and explaining the case to them.

Joseph D.’s Story

We just wanted to extend our deepest thank you to all the people who are working on our case, the diligence of everyone involved is appreciated. The last check was a blessing… Thank you all and God Bless.

Laurae K.’s Story

In my opinion your firm is great and you are providing a valuable service by giving ordinary people a voice against the abuses of large companies.

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