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Thomas K.’s Story

W&L has done the right thing by me. I am a Navy vet and retired steamfitter NYC LU 638. Thank you.

John R.’s Story

The efforts by the staff at W&L have been stellar. Our claim has enabled us to financially take care of our mother and all her medical and housing needs! W&L took a huge burden off of us. Thank you.

Rosemary K.’s Story

You have been so thorough and wonderful about everything. I really appreciate the time you took to talk to me and explain everything in detail. You really stand behind your clients. Thank you for so much, for everything.

Sharon K.’s Story

The concern and professionalism flowed together to bring an acceptable conclusion to a devastating situation. I am extremely happy we chose W&L.

Edward S.’s Story

Kind, compassionate staff who will take care of all your needs and answer any of your questions you may have.

Bernard E.’s Story

Your firm has gone above and beyond in helping me reclaim what is left of my life. I cannot thank you enough. I can rest easy knowing my wife will be just fine.

Celeste P.’s Story

When we filed with W&L, our family had no idea the research, support, and eventual returns would be so professionally provided. While we can never replace our father, your efforts ensured the care of our mother. Thank you so much.

Sydney R.’s Story

The most pleasant experience I have had with a most unpleasant situation. W&L has been wonderfully competent, caring and courteous. Thank you so much.

Vincent S.’s Story

It may be your pleasure to have sent me a check, it is indeed more than a pleasure to have received it.

Edward L.’s Story

Thank you people, for all your help in the past and future. This means a lot to us. A retired 325 Load Electrician. God bless all!

Ed H.’s Story

I cannot bring my father back. However you have penalized those responsible for my dad’s asbestos exposure. The proceeds are in better hands! W&L, you are good.

Eugene S.’s Story

If it was not for W&L, who would stand up for us? W&L really cares and are completely thorough. I only wish our compensation would come quicker. Thank you for having our backs.

Eugene B.’s Story

W&L have professionally and vigorously pursued my claims. I could not have gotten such positive results without them.

W. D.’s Story

I’ve never been so satisfied with legalities in my 80 years. Thank you so much for your dedication to the asbestos litigation.

Vinnie’s Story

W&L has always had my best interest first and foremost. I’m glad they work for me and not the asbestos companies.

Thomas P.’s Story

If it wasn’t for your company, we never would have gotten anything. It is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work. Thank you very much.

Ruth P.’s Story

I feel confident that you are looking out for your clients. I am grateful for all the help your firm has given to us.

James L.’s Story

W&L, a quality firm producing fast, fair and accurate results. I would choose no other.

John C.’s Story

Without W&L, the people poisoned by asbestos would have no recourse or protection.

Robert B.’s Story

We really appreciate your hard work on our behalf and the compensation checks have been nice along the way.

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